by Tina Olivero

Cross the bridge to the new digital world! Tonight 7PM FACEBOOK LIVE SAFEcationNL

ONLINE VIRTUAL CHALLENGE – This amazing never-before-done 3-day challenge gets you and your friends and colleagues over the bridge to the new digital world.

It’s fun, it’s new and it’s very exciting.
We CAN’T wait to meet you there!

With this 3-day, mega-engagement challenge you will learn how to create outstanding engagement with your posts online.

Ready to join the challenge? 

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You will learn:
How to use your phone to make incredible pictures
How to make a great post that creates engagement
How to make a post have viral engagement
Tools to make posts look powerful and professional
How to engage with those who engage with you
How to set yourself up for building community, marketing and sales

Using pictures, templates, tools, and tricks even the beginner will THRIVE in this three-day digital engagement challenge.

It’s FREE and it’s fun…..so invest the time in yourself and make incredible things happen for you, your life, your business and your experiences ONLINE!

NOW is the time! So sign up now while you can!

ANYBODY who self promotes and want’s better results this is ABSOLUTELY for you!

Best fun, learning, experience on the go – for your online success with your biz! Be seen, get results, get sales, make connections, get only savvy! YES YOU GOT THIS!!!


YES….it’s got JAM ON IT!

As a very proud Newfoundlander, looking at all the tragedy in the world, I sat back and asked what’s THE MOST important thing people need to know right now in these troubling times? And the answer is simple …..how to have your business succeed online and have A BLAST DOING IT!

When people ask me how I succeeded online building SAFEcationNL to 18,000 people in last 4 weeks, how I created a world-class magazine read all over the globe, how I created incredible marketing solutions and built $millions in sales over the years…… my answer surprises them.

It wasn’t strategy. Not funnels either. And (gasp!) not a coach.

It was relaying experiences, telling my story and creating REALLLLY great posts and content online.

WE HAVE A LOT OF FUN – and the online world is just the NEXT ADVENTURE!

Ever have a post all set to go on social media, you thought it was the cats meow and then it flopped….NADA – no likes, no comments, no shares, no sales…..JUST CRICKETS!!!!!  So infuriating. You gotta ask yourself why keep spending nights in, skipping plans to curl up with your laptop if no one’s paying attention?

Mastering my POSTS online is what got me to:

✓ a booming facebook group SAFEcationNL that’s rocking every day and blowing numbers out of the water.

✓ a global magazine read world-wide by millions of viewers.

✓ featured in other publications and a key-note speaker at events around the globe.

✓ tens of thousands of social media followers with my many pages and groups online.

✓ the understanding that it’s 90% marketing and 10% sales (if you do it right).

I used to cringe at the thought of putting myself out there on the internet. But that was decades ago. NOT ANYMORE.  For someone who secretly dreaded the thought of posting on social media and getting nothing in response, facing the dread of rejection….oh I hated that. Still do…

You can imagine how great it felt when I realized my story and my posts were actually attracting all my clients and helping me every step of the way with:
Telling My Story
Finding New Opportunities
Creating community
Delivering on my vision
Achieving my goals 
Reaching global markets


All my success has been the result of MY SECRET SAUCE for content and posts. I’ve leveraged my posts and communicated my intentions. I’ve won at the game of business for 30 years.

Posts and networks of networks. That’s the key and it can be the #1 factor for your success too. Imagine doing the work now and next summer, wammo, clients from all over the world come to your destination! Wow. Love that.

Imagine waking up to messages from clients asking to work with you or inquiring about your NL experience. Imagine being invited on all-paid press trips to places like Finland which is where I was sent last year by ABB international. Imagine creating a world-leading magazine and having people admire your work.

It’s limitless what you can do online these days….it really is. These are amazing times and if there’s one thing that’s going to raise NL’s out of a slump it’s ONLINE business and TOURISM.

Just yesterday a client who saw my SAFEcationNL group, reached out from Vancouver. He’s an award winning tourism documentary guru asking me to support him with is instagram account. I said YES!!!! right away. Can’t wait to see where that leads.

My clients have been responsible for some of the greatest brands on the planet. Developing marketing messages for key clients and elevating their brands has been nothing short of amazing. Everyone from the top oil companies in the world to our local businesses right here in Newfoundland. I’m so proud that we found solutions that fulfilled our clients growth objectives.  I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

And it all comes down to one thing, how my clients presented themselves ONLINE! You gotta get out there. You gotta tell your story. You gotta share….

There are some things you can shortcut when it comes to growing your brand and business, but nailing your why and knowing your story inside and out — isn’t one of them. Your posts are your business sign – a sign of business. A sign of your commitment. A sign of your vision.

Good posts are the reason people do business with you. Bad posts are the reason people do not!

And don’t worry if you don’t think your story isn’t anything earth shattering. Everyone feels that way from time to time. NO WORRIES – everyone has key stories they are meant to share. You simply have to answer one key question, “What is the experience you want to leave your clients with?” And it all rolls from there…

What I know for sure is that Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the most amazing places ON EARTH. I can say this with 100% certainty as I’ve travelled around the world many times in my lifetime. What we have here is incredible. We just need to believe in it.  It’s world class!

I see it every day on SAFEcationNL FB group….how incredible NL is. As people post pictures of their  communities, homes and experiences all over the province in that group, we quickly realize the crown jewel we are living in! It’s WOW and my prediction is that TOURISM will be the NUMBER ONE industry in the province over the next decade. I feel it in my bones.

If you want to finally dig in and start figuring out your exact right message for your exact right market…then this is it! FREE training. Let’s do it together and have a blast trying things out, making a few mistakes, doing a bit of testing and VOILA creating a viral post.

Join me  Oct 13, 14 & 15 – 7pm LIVE on Facebook – for my ALL-NEW – POST WITH THE MOST CHALLENGE. I promise it will be SO MUCH FUN!

It’s time we “Unlock Your Story” and create some magic and get the POST WITH THE MOST!

IT’S FREE. You have nothing to lose and every thing to gain. What you will learn here will be the foundation of your digital life. So let’s do it together.

If you’ve been to any of my trainings, or you know my track record in business….you know I always deliver actionable steps for hitting your next big breakthrough. Things you can implement IMMEDIATELY that will take you NEXT LEVEL.

This 3-day POST WITH THE MOST challenge is the first of its kind — my private clients pay super big bucks to start unlocking their stories. To advertise in my magazine it costs $5,000 just for one page. So…. this is your chance to get what I know, into your world….and it’s FREE!

Even if you can’t make it live, sign up so you can catch the replays.

Here’s how it works:

  • Challenge days are October 13, 14, 15 at 7 PM Newfoundland time. Even if you can’t make the time, still sign up! You’ll get all the replays.
  • Each evening, we’ll spend approximately 1 hour covering key topics including: how to turn any experience into an interesting tourism story. How to be in your clients world. How to create a post people connect with. How to create and design a POST worthy of engagement.
  • Gaining the tools to design posts that go from blah to WOW factor. Getting confident sharing your story and ensuring your growth goals are met head on. Organizing all your scattered ideas into one cohesive narrative. Let’s map it out.
  • Oh, and did I mention there are PRIZES? Yes, I’m spoiling the hell out of those who participate (and do their homework!). Special win includes an $8,800 bundle of prizes. That’s right there are private getaways and business support prizes.
  • Yes the post with the most WINNER takes home a $8,800 bundle of excursions and marketing tools. WOW!!!

What more do you want jam on it?

  • And it that’s not enough …..*drumroll please*… you’ll get first dibs to join my new 4 week program, DIGITAL COLLATERAL ACADEMY. It’s the most affordable way to work with me for four weeks ensuring you are bang on dead ready for your tourism season. If you join the challenge, you’ll hear about it before anyone else.😉 

Ready to join the challenge? 

Click here to get notified when we go live. Simply SIGN up and you’re ready to go. Enroll here:


And if you just wanna come have fun, learn how to ACE THE POST and learn how to make the POST WITH THE MOST GO VIRAL and have a chance to win the sweet $8,800 prize bundle, that’s cool too.


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