by Tina Olivero

    OIL & GAS: Think bigger my people, think bigger!

    Ms. Tina Olivero, 30 year publisher, The Oil & Gas Magazine

    Canada’s oil and gas industry is our golden egg, our treasure chest, and one of our top commodities.

    Natural gas and oil are Canada’s top export commodities. Exports of crude oil, bitumen, natural gas and natural gas liquids generated more than $102 billion for Canada in 2019. Clearly, it is the foundation of our country.

    With a diminishing industry at the hands of a few, we need immediate change. Change in the form of a greater vision and executable plans that are superior to anything on the table right now. Think bigger my people think bigger.

    National petroleum use and export opportunities are essential to the foundation of being a strong nation and a global leader. Never forget that.

    We need to advance to a global leadership position and utilize every single resource we have to get there. For us, in Canada, that means harnessing EVERY SINGLE ounce of potential out of the energy sector and squeezing ever single opportunity out of it. We are confused. We think doing that is bad for the environment. NOTHING could be further from the truth.

    NORWAY meets carbon reduction targets WHILE THEY are a world leader in oil and gas. That’s where we should be.

    If Canada adopted the same structure as Norway, where we owned our oil projects, executed a strong future, and put OUR INTERESTS first – we would win this game.

    It’s up to every single one of us to understand what’s going on and to use our collective intelligence to CREATE a future like NORWAY or BETTER! Because Norway was strategic, they united all people, all parties, all visions. Today, NORWAY meets carbon reduction targets WHILE THEY are a world leader in oil. And are the worlds largest exporter of Salmon. That is precisely where we should be.

    Oil companies all over the world invested in Norway and partnered with Norway. Now Norway has a trust fund at $1 Trillion – the largest in the world. 

    That could be us. 

    In fact, partnering, aligning and possibly joining Norway could the best thing we could do to be globally prosperous for the next 50 years. The resource base of both regions is remarkably similar in terms of offshore oil, aquaculture and way of life.

    Why are we not there? Is it ignorance, lack of knowledge, politics, corruption, who gets what? Or is it simply that we can’t see the big picture and all it’s potential hazards if we lose our petroleum industry? Does it take an ENTREPRENEURIAL mind to step in?

    What do you think?

    Scientific-based, credible organizations predict that oil and gas are going to be around for the next 40 + years. That means oil and gas is THE BRIDGE to new energy, not the reason to eliminate it.

    DON’T EVEN THINK about throwing it away. 

    Canada’s hottest commodity is the foundation of our social system? The reason we have free medical care and good schools for our kids. Connect the dots. See it for what it is

    Canada has clean oil and gas especially offshore NL where it’s light crude that is produced. Canada has some of the strongest environmental policies on the planet. 

    Policies which have gone overboard with red tape and are now to our detriment. Think about it. If our policies create red tape, lag and deter investment then that is wrong on so many levels!

    Tighter environmental protocols and raising taxes are not a solution, rather we have created ANOTHER PROBLEM. 

    Anything less than being GLOBALLY advanced with oil and gas infrastructure is downright dumb.

    Anything less than being the best place in the world to invest in energy is unacceptable. We get what we accept and tolerate.

    Anything less than a laser-sharp focus on natural gas as a national saving grace is out of touch with reality and the predicted energy future.

    We are headed for an economic downfall that is avoidable. 

    Taking our money out of the bank and giving it to another country, so we don’t have to deal with carbon emission issues is insanity. We will always have carbon emission issues, even with renewable energy. We may have even more.


    WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT; you and me. 

    It’s time to stop blaming and complaining and do your ABSOLUTE EVERYTHING to fix it. Use technology to connect, to unite, and to find solutions. That’s what technology does. It makes life work!

    Any politician, leader or organization of influence that doesn’t put our energy industry at the top of our priorities is ill-informed and ignorant to world oil demand for the next 40 years.

    Anyone who doesn’t see innovation as the key to climate change is behind the times. You don’t get rid of the resource you make it cleaner with innovation and invention. Our global goal is to find new solutions that drive energy overall and reduce carbon. Put students on the energy challenges with tech and see what happens. We need the youth to solve the issues of the future and to work as ONE WORLD. 

    If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s that we can adapt and transition online. We have new opportunities ahead. Huge opportunities. Working online could save the planet pollution problem. Reducing energy addiction and slowing down the movement of people is far more strategic than killing an industry that feeds the future. 

    Oil and gas IS THE FUEL that will bring in the new energy. We aren’t getting there without petroleum for transport, construction, plastics, supply, infrastructure and the list is endless. Petroleum is in just about EVERYTHING. That’s precisely how it got to be the number one commodity on the planet.

    It’s ignorant to think that oil and gas is a problem. It is a solution to our advancement. It is the heartbeat of our future, and it circulates wealth to the entire body of this country and indeed the world.

    If there’s anything that will sink this country, it’s ill-informed environmental idealism. 

    Think big my people, look into the future and see the big picture. 

    And when you get there… tell me, what are your solutions?

    REACH OUT: tinaolivero@theogm.com

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