by Tina Olivero

    £1,000 grants given to schools for Computer Science & Tech

    EnergySys Limited, a leading oil and gas cloud technology provider, is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary. To mark the milestone, EnergySys will be providing grants of £1,000 to support the Computer, Science and Technology departments in twenty schools.

    The grants will be made available over the course of the next twelve months.   The schools who receive a grant will be selected by our staff and customers and announced via social channels:

    EnergySys Limited has been leading transformational change in the upstream oil and gas industry for 20 years. Their goal has been to make oil and gas software fundamentally better.  They set about reimagining production data management software from the ground up, to make is as easy to procure, use and maintain as possible. 

    The flexible low-or-no-code cloud-native EnergySys platform facilitates superior integration, automation and simple configuration that can drive huge efficiency gains and be as low as 5% of total cost of ownership in comparison to traditional software.

    EnergySys currently manages over 50% of the North Sea production data and data for approximately 35% of North America gas. With deployments across the world, ranging from single asset players to Super majors, the EnergySys Cloud Platform is proven to work for oil and gas companies of all sizes and complexity.  

    EnergySys is redefining the energy software market, beginning with Hydrocarbon Management, disrupting the status quo and focusing on the generation of real business value.


    For more information on how EnergySys has been delivering transformational change to the oil and gas industry to www.energysys.com.

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