by Tina Olivero



    Thriving in the digital world means understanding that the new front door of your business is online. The new potential client for your company is online. The business solution you seek is online. The person you are about to hire is online. The next investor you want to attract is online.

    Yes, business is an online network of solutions. A network that’s powered by “search” and executed by the keenest online minds who understand online positioning and presentation. Most businesses have not had the time to become digitally savvy and digital ready. But it’s a must or you will be left behind.

    Here are 5 fundamental considerations to set you on your way to being digitally competent and prepared. While it may seem like a cumbersome task, results prove time and time again that the innovation and efficiencies of online business will often save your company money and time. Some companies have reported cost reductions up to 90% because of the adaptation of online innovation, digital solutions, and web-based integrations. So it’s worth it!

    1. Everything you publish online is an asset . Your email, LinkedIn page, e-news, magazines, presentations, PDF docs, website, videos and your sales assets, are all an integral part of your next client saying YES! They all have to look good, feel good and attract the clients you truly want to work with.

    2. Think of your business as a communications hub. Everything you develop and send out can influence your bottom line. Is your company optimized in the digital world to achieve your desired goals, sing to your clients and have the WOW factor?

    3. We are in the self-publishing era. So having great digital assets that build your marketing and sales collateral is key! Are you optimized to achieve your business development goals online?

    4. Let’s face it. Your online presence is the new front door of your business. Your clients want to open that door and trust that you can deliver exactly what they are looking for. Working with a digital consultant can provide smart solutions that will save you a LOT of time and money. Your digital collateral is a client reaching asset that should be engaging and ACTION-ORIENTED. You will be surprised, online there’s more business than you think and as you build out your digital assets you will find solutions and profit portals that you never even considered.

    5. Your digital assets must support your goals; otherwise, what’s the sense of having them? Goals like growth, hiring, influencing, partnerships, investment, sales, making announcements, leads, launching products, adding team members, profiling awards and accolades, and really anything on your agenda! What would it mean to you to succeed with that goal?

    Think of your company as a network of conversations. Architect sales portals into that network. Be creative. Be imaginative. Be unreasonable. Do things that your competitors won’t do. Amplify your offerings.

    These are the keys to being successful in the new digital world. You are competing for attention. How you get that attention is uniquely yours. Take it and run with it.

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