by Tina Olivero


One of my all time favourite people in the world is Kim Todd. She’s done it again, brought some genius to the world.

Our Great Minds is pleased to highlight Kim’s latest creative endeavour. Kim is creating a platform that celebrates who we are; our essence, our creativity, our culture and our great spirit.

Guide To The Good is Kim’s brainchild, and it’s designed to bring us together for the good of all: And it accomplishes that mission! Kim says, “Guide to the good makes it easy for people to choose local, social, and green for their everyday purchasing and lifestyle choices. We built it because local choices build strong, resilient communities. This site is supported by social media channels, outreach, and an amazing collection of people who believe in the power and value of collaboration. For example, the zero waste hub is your source for tips and tricks on living a zero waste lifestyle, as well as a list of local zero-waste resources. Our stories section contains our rotating series of blogs. There are new ones regularly, so keep checking back for the latest musings from our friends! Community think tank is our monthly poll and your opportunity to express your opinion on the subject of the day so we would love to hear from you!”

Nothing could be more “GOOD” than Kim Todd, creating this guide. I’m so proud of her. I love her to pieces. I really do!

Kim Todd used to work with me decades ago and at that time we published City Sprit Magazine to promote all that was amazing about YYT. Now in this new updated, user friendly platform, the Guide To The Good, will take you on a do-good, shop-good, have-good adventure.

Check it out: https://guidetothegood.ca

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