by Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero: Publishers Commentary

    Tomorrow, we will live with the things we say and do today.

    We’re finally getting it. Progress happens where our focus is directed. Intention shapes the future. Thoughts create words and actions. Actions create outcomes. Clearly, what we think about, talk about and do … makes all the difference.

    Sadly, while 99% good happens around the world each day our mainstream media focuses on the 1% bad and it taints our minds and hearts with drama and demise. Watching the negativity on the news and social media is a tiny fraction of ‘the big picture’.

    Negativity creates more negativity which ultimately leads to a depressed culture. For the sake of our children’s futures, its time we stopped doing that.

    All that is right…

    We are surrounded by contribution and progress. It’s everywhere. Right here, right now, feel the heat that warms you in the dead of winter because thousands of people work each day to keep your electricity on. Think of the person at the gas station working behind the counter affording you the fuel in your car today. Celebrate the colleague at work who just found a new solution for oil extraction. Congratulate the company that made gains in reducing CO2 emissions. Notice solar and wind energy becoming mainstream. Adopt the new sensor technology that enhances oil recovery. Marvel at the people who just invented Hyperloop, an entirely new form of transportation. Elevate the team that gave back to their community and their charity fed the hungry. Stand by the leader who dares to challenge the status quo.

    Words can create or they can disintegrate

    The way we choose to see the world and the words we use to describe it, have great power. Words can create or they can disintegrate. It’s up to us to consciously decide what words we choose to use and act upon. It’s up to us to realize that the things we say and do today, create our lives tomorrow.

    Passion, art, beauty, creativity, connection, innovation, invention, solutions, efficiencies and better ways to work and to live are happening all around us. And it is through human energy, resources of energy, and planetary energy that we have moved forward into a world that is advancing and making exponential gains.

    That energy is ignited by our thoughts, words and actions which directly influence our success or our failure. Yes, it is that simple.

    Because of mankind’s passion and talent we have technology and innovation that has elevated us to the very best of times. Never before have we had the opportunity to work so easily across the globe. To understand another culture. To bring down walls and build sustainable solutions. To actualize on the fact that, “we are one.”

    Our Great Minds

    The OGM is dedicated to the positive side of life. It profiles what’s really happening out there and it editorially commits to content that Tomorrow we will live with the things we say and do today. Publisher’s Commentary TheOGM.com 11 educates, entertains and elevates us.

    In this edition, you will find globalization emerging, natural resources progressing, inventors developing new innovation, technology advances, contracts happening, jobs available, new methodologies and processes, renewable and natural energy, business opportunities, and you will be introduced to the great minds who make that all happen.

    Beyond it’s acronym, The OGM stands for Our Great Minds and it is a home for positivity and possibility. Factual and fascinating, it is a stand and a commitment to the everyday people who make extraordinary contributions.


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