by Tina Olivero

    Holyrood, Newfoundland


    Mom, who is now almost 80 and she looks like she is still 55. She has the spirit of a curious young lady. She looks out the front window every day and enjoys the sunsets over her “water” in Holyrood bay. I hear her familiar words, “My, look at all the new developments going on over there across the harbour”. A woman who used to plant flowers for the Holyrood beautification committee in Holyrood, mom, Sonia Olivero is thrilled to see Holyrood blooming.


    Illuminating the future of a changing planet, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is the world’s leading organization dedicated to ocean research, exploration, and education. Their scientists and engineers push the boundaries of knowledge about the ocean to reveal its impacts on our planet and our lives. A centre of excellence, Woods Hole is what the Ocean Park of Holyrood has been modelled after. With four main pillars of development. The Holyrood Ocean Park includes:

    1. Holyrood Oceana – Cold Oceans Research and Innovation Hub

    2. BeachHead Innovation Centre and Suites – Start-up support for businesses

    3. Blue Ocean Innovation Valley – Industrial, fabrication, manufacturing and lay down facilities

    4. The Stores at Holyrood – Commercial developments


    Some of the most innovative and influential scientific minds in the world are taking notice of Blue Ocean Innovation Valley as a home for innovation, research, and development in the industrial, commercial and ocean sectors. This centre provides an opportunity to discover the future of your research initiatives and grasp an ocean of opportunity through Oceana. The Oceana Cold Oceans Innovation and Research Park leverages the Town of Holyrood’s investment in an ocean innovation park, together with the Marine Institute’s world-class cold ocean research facility, to create a unique cluster of ocean-focused research and enterprise.


    At Beachhead Innovation Centre, is for start-up companies – entrepreneurs who are inspired by technology and require prime office space, as well as world-class support services from industry leading experts. It’s a place where ideas and ambitions are fostered and supported in a customized way.


    Everything a thriving industrial entity requires at the Blue Ocean Industrial Park. With 50 acres of prime land for facilities related to industry, occupants will have access to lay down spaces, warehousing, fabrication, and manufacturing space. The industrial park is strategically located for easy access to development sites such as Bull Arm, St. John’s and Argentia. This tactical location is just 30- 45 minutes via the Trans-Canada Highway avoiding travel through all residential routes.


    The Stores at Holyrood is a 20+ acre commercial development strategically located in the Blue Ocean Innovation Valley (boiv) at the heart of the town centre. Characterized by shops, facilities and other aspects of commerce which is essential to a thriving entrepreneurial community, The Stores at Holyrood is accepting tenants and has a space available for your vision to take hold.

    My mother, she’s proud of Holyrood and the people who are making it all happen in her town. A small but mighty crew they are. We thank you!

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