by Tina Olivero

    What’s HOT? Boutique Meeting Spaces

    Businesses are changing with the times, and there’s a new space for working in unique and creative ways. We’re in the clouds, we’re in the field, we’re out of the office. Many small businesses no longer even have offices because digital communication and infrastructure is superior and unlimited. The world as we know it … is no longer.

    Companies that are riding the wave of the new business revolution are looking for superior ways to come together and this has sparked a trend for meeting spaces that have ambience, character and comfort.

    Leaside Group

    Understanding the business needs of our time, the team of the Leaside Group of Companies, is working diligently to meet demand with supply. The portfolio of boutique hotels and meeting rooms has blossomed in Newfoundland, Canada, to provide the business community with new solutions that meet today’s growth challenges and business acumen.

    With locations in the downtown St. John’s area, the Leaside Group is comprised of three properties in town: Leaside Manor, Compton House and Monastery Spa & Suites.

    The Leaside Group offers the perfect escape from the everyday. Business travellers and the local business community can avail of not only our unique accommodations but also our thoughtfully designed signature style meeting rooms. This all makes for an experience that you won’t soon forget.

    Leaside Manor

    Want to impress your clients? Take them to Leaside Manor. Like something out of a movie set, this is where old world quality meets contemporary style and convenience. From its distinctive architectural characteristics to the contemporary style and décor, Leaside Manor provides the details you need for a completely different business experience. As seen here (Bottom Left), Leaside meeting room is a warm, customised experience that allows for small to medium sized groups of up to 30 people.

    Meeting spaces are laid out and designed to support clients agendas and meeting objectives. Care is taken to ensure that your meetings are designed your way and every detail counts.

    If your clients or staff are in town for a few days, or they are from St. John’s and you simply want a reprieve from the grind of the day-to-day then Leaside Manor is perfect for a stay-over, as well. Leaside suites include a private full washroom, breakfast delivered to your suite whenever you desire, environmental controls, mini-fridges, and multi-media entertainment.

    Compton House

    Want to give your team something special? Take them to Compton House where the old world quality meets a contemporary style that makes everyone feel at home.

    Compton House is a majestic estate, crowning a rolling property of towering mature trees and manicured gardens. Its luxurious suites are equally majestic, each with its signature style that combines the very best of old world craftsmanship and quality with the latest in modern aesthetics, design and décor. The business meeting room at Compton House is bright, uplifting and beautifully designed. (bottom centre picture)

    Staying awhile? All of Compton House suites have private full washroom, breakfast delivered to your suite whenever you desire, environmental controls for both heating and cooling, mini-fridges, and multi-media entertainment.

    Monastery Spa & Suites

    Imagine that, meeting spaces in a spa, right in the heart of St. John’s. Yet if feels like you are far away in the quiet lands of days gone by.

    The Monastery Spa is a heritage building that offers business visitors a fresh escape with a quaint meeting space and intricate attention to business meeting and training details.

    The Monastery Spa & Suites meeting space (bottom right) is perfect for training, corporate gatherings, team building, leadership training, and more.

    Booking your meetings or training here means having your experience exactly as you desire because the staff will architect an experience that can avail of anything from accommodations to spa services as well as training in a welcoming new atmosphere.

    With a full range of services, a convenient location, a professional and trained staff of over sixty people, The Monastery Spa and Suites brings a sense of peace and connection to it all.

    Tina Olivero THE OGM

    Tina Olivero – The OGM

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