by Tina Olivero

    On The Water’s Edge

    Meet you at The Beach House! www.atthebeachhouse.ca

    You’ve got deadlines, you’ve got staff issues, you’ve got people demanding your attention, you’ve got stress—and you’ve lost your focus. OK … now what?

    Every smart business leader knows that when things are overwhelming, it’s time to step back, rethink, and reload rather than continuing to push against a deadlock ­situation. ­Shifting things that don’t work into results that do, means it’s time to re-engineer the plan. It’s a process that requires quiet reflection, no interruptions, and calming ­surroundings. It’s a process that requires time out at The Beach House.

    Nestled in Newfoundland’s majestic cliffs, hanging on the wild coastline of Portugal Cove, lies a Beach House of inspiration. All inclusive amenities allow your stay at the Beach House to be a perfect fit for corporate retreats, getaways, brainstorming sessions, company ­celebrations, ­employee excellence awards, strategic planning, client meetings, and just about anything you can think of to enhance your business results. Let’s put it this way—at the Beach House, you have the opportunity to get out of day-to-day ordinary and build your business with the ­extraordinary. Imagine that, ten minutes from the airport and right on the doorstep of the ­province’s capital city of St. John’s.

    Life is all about experiences, and, at The Beach House, you will experience what Newfoundland is all about. Take for example, the mystery of the rolling of the fog that creeps in to tell you its secrets, and then rolls back out to sea from whence it came. You will experience whales ­coming in to dance for you as they feed, frolic, spout, and wave their tails your way. In the summer months, you can go out on the spacious deck and experience a sunset, painting a picture in the sky that transforms itself by the minute. It is truly an exquisite celebration of nature at her finest!

    With a 4-star rating, attention to detail is paramount at the Beach House. The Atlantica restaurant is a fine dining experience that boasts leading Canadian Chef David Battcock. The restaurant has been awarded acolades such as: “Enroute’s Top New Restaurant 2007” and “Maclean’s Top 50 Restaurants in Canada ( 2012).” You will find a menu focusing on fresh seafood, prime cuts, and ingredients from local purveyors, reflecting Newfoundland and its special culture. The seafood is world-renowned.

    Corporate executives will want to avail of services such as concierge transportation, nearby golf, and special Newfoundland tours that will round out your stay and support your ­team-building efforts.

    This year our team at The OGM will spend time at the Beach House. In this idyllic setting, we will have successful meetings with clients, we will train for new initiatives, we will have ­brainstorming sessions that will set the stage for years to come, and we will relax and invent in amazing surroundings, all the while enjoying the experience of a peaceful creative process for our business. We can’t think of anything better to do, when it comes to architecting our success. We invite you to join us.


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