by Tina Olivero

    STAMPED ENGINEERING: Alberta firm expanding and hiring

    The meaning of “stamped” takes many shapes and forms, but for the Engineers of Stamped Engineering Corporation, it means they have “approved” the ground of their particular territory and work” and have marked it with their highest seal of approval.

    For this team, Stamped is the act of making an impression and imprinting a seal of commitment and standard that they stand behind. It’s a code of service dawned for the new era of Engineering that includes innovation, creative solutions, the harnessing of technology and the work ethic that is demanded in these times.

    Proudly Albertan with their head office in Edmonton, Stamped Engineering is committed to your “stamp of approval” on their offerings. This fit for purpose lean engineering consulting firm unpredictably specializes in 24/7 on-call support and design engineering.  This model allows Stamped to execute efficient turnaround times with a high-quality final product.  This is what makes Stamped Engineering Corporation an industry game-changer. A state-of-the-art Engineering approach responding to the demands or projects and partners that require the job gets done on budget and on time.

    The Stamped Engineering team are multi-disciplined professional engineers and technologists that are strategically garnished to meet Alberta’s Engineering needs in the sectors of oil and gas and other industries such as nuclear and aerospace. With such a broad range of sector service and assertive growth plans Jeenu Riat, P. Eng., Chief Executive Officer of Stamped Engineering Corporation says, we have a very talented team and we are expecting strong growth in 2018.  We know that with current commitments and work to come we will be hiring in the following areas and we’d encourage interested applicants to send in their CV’s”.

    • Business Development Specialists
    • Senior Process Engineers
    • Senior Mechanical Engineers and Designers
    • Senior Civil Engineers
    • Senior Structural Engineers
    • Senior Pipe Stress Engineers
    • Senior Electrical Engineers and Designers
    • Senior Piping Designers
    • Senior Engineering Manager
    • Senior Construction Manager
    stamped engineering

    HR Manager – Tracey Quesnell                           CFO – Jay Riat                                      CEO – Jeenu Riat


    With the onset of the internet and the ever-changing work landscape, Stamped has created a service offering that ensures clients get what they need to succeed. Jeenu Riat says, “The decline in the price of oil has really made us all focus on what industry “needs” and how to deliver that most efficiently. Every cost measure counts. Every new innovation that saves time and money is a must.  Having talented workers who do it right the first time is key.”

    “Taking advantage of technology and all that the internet and software have to offer in the field of Engineering is critical. These are fast-moving exponential times. So it’s a matter of being technology savvy and ensuring that our clients benefit from smart intelligence in their engineering projects.  Jeenu Riat says, with this in mind, our offerings include:

    • On-Call 24/7 Support, Engineering Consulting
    • Engineering Design, Process Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering, Multidiscipline Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering, Structural Engineering
    • Civil Engineering, Drafting, Design & CAD Support
    • Clarification on Complex Technical Documents & Drawings, Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)
    • Feasibility Studies, Risk Assessments, Cost Analysis & Cost Reduction. Field & Design Engineering
    • Engineering Economics, Energy Emissions Sustainability”.


    “What clients really want is to be heard, understood and to get the highest level of service at fair and reasonable cost. At Stamped, we declare that our level of engineering practice would go beyond meeting clients needs, day and night and that we will really listen and ensure that our client’s considerations are paramount.  At the same time, we want to ensure our expertise comes to the table and provides our clients with a scenario where we can over deliver because of the level of talent we have on staff.  The talent that focuses on doing it better, faster, more efficiently and ultimately saves our clients time and money, proclaims Jeenu Riat.


    At Stamped Engineering innovation, teamwork, honesty, open communication and integrity have a chance to shine. “As we grow our team of experts we are determined to build the right team, with the right skill set and experience to fit our clients’ needs.  Our continued commitment to our employees allows us to create an atmosphere where they can be the best versions of themselves at work, home and at play. “Human Resources Manager, Tracey Quesnell


    Beyond the commitment to customized fit for purpose solutions, Stamped has a strong commitment to giving back to the people of Alberta. Chief Financial Officer Jay Riat P.Eng., M.Sc.Ch.E.,Dip.Mgt.Sci. says, “At the end of the day if you can’t give back to your community, then what’s the sense?  We believe that everyone succeeds when our community succeeds and it’s our baseline proclamation that 5% of our net income profits are donated to those in need here in Alberta. We are excited to see how we can be of service to others and how we can make a difference.”

    For more information on Stamped Engineering please go to www.stampedengineering.com

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      • Harprit Nijjer

        Congratulations Jeenu, I hope that you’re doing well

      • Ilona Maitra

        Congratulations Jeenu Riat and the Stamped Engineering Team! I am very happy for you all. Please let me know if you are in need of Senior Project Managers and Mechanical Designers.

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