by Tina Olivero

SAVIOUR: Robyn Slade Sings Shawn Wiseman Song

Written and Produced by Shawn Wiseman

Billy Joe thought he knew where to go
never believed in taking it slow
did what he pleased, whenever he pleased
until one day he fell to his knees for a saviour
he needed a saviour

It doesn’t matter if your rich or your poor
one knock and you’ll open the door
to the saviour

Bobby Sue thought she knew what to do
body of metal and a slew of tattoos
she walked a line that wasn’t so fine
came to her senses and knew it was time
for a saviour, she needed a saviour

It doesn’t matter if your rich or your poor
one knock and you’ll open the door
to the saviour

You can walk all the valleys and climb all the hills
you can seek out your fortune and go for the thrills
you can have all the diamonds and money to burn
but it adds up to nothing until you have learned
It’s the saviour, you’re needing a saviour

Richard Cane at the top of his game
had all the riches and all of the fame
got such a fright in the middle of the night
woke up to realize he just wasn’t right
with his saviour, he needed a saviour

It doesn’t matter if your rich or your poor
one knock and you’ll open the door
to the saviour

It doesn’t matter if your rich or your poor
one knock and you’ll open the door
to the saviour


Reading lyrics and watching a music video of that same song, is often a completely different experience. Video and audio bring a story to life from the artists perspective. Words bring a story to life from the readers perspective. So here it is, the song Saviour, written by Shawn Wiseman, telling the story of lives who have all come to realize the power of a saviour.

Shawn Wiseman

Shawn Wiseman is a professional Newfoundland musician who often performs with his brother in the band Wiseman Brothers. Along with being a music teacher, Shawn has also been a well-known performer and singer/songwriter on the Newfoundland & Labrador music scene for over 30 years. Shawn’s passions have culminated into supporting and elevating the voice of Robyn Slade. Working together they have found tones and tunes that are touching those who are drawn to the alto tones of country blues rock.  The latest release, “Saviour”, is a bluesy, country-rock gospel song written by Shawn Wiseman, who along with recording the song, also choreographed and edited the video.  “Saviour”, has also been doing extremely well on social media. The video has received over 80,000 views in just a few weeks! They are expecting great things from this song.

Robyn Slade’s song goes viral!

Robyn Slade is a musical sensation from Gander, Newfoundland who is working hard to make her dreams become a reality.  In December 2016, Robyn’s first release, “I Know Who She Is”, written by Rob Hickman, went viral on social media, and at its peak, was trending at #36 in the world on YouTube! The heartwarming song reflects the endless love of a man visiting his wife with dementia at a nursing home. The song currently has over 150,000 views on Facebook and YouTube!

Saviour is sung by Robyn Slade. Robyn only 15 years old, performs Saviour and taps into the hearts and souls of people transforming through life’s experiences. This song reminds us of what we are chasing, what we may think is a success, and what often leaves us dissatisfied with life. Saviour expresses the disconnect between ourselves and a higher power.  Saviour hits on notes within ourselves that strive for money, power, fame and thrills and that hollow destination comes up empty.

A powerful Duo

The Shawn and Robyn duo also tour together doing special events, dinner functions, private events and other musically complimented happenings. Working closely together Shawn Wiseman & Robyn Slade perform acoustic versions of Classic Pop & Country hits from the past 30 years. Booking this duo you can expect a repertoire of the Eagles, CCR, Adele, Elton John, Little Big Town, and more.

If you get the chance to see them – go. You just might find your Saviour!

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