by Tina Olivero

    Access Online Safety Training with SafetyNet

    The world is suddenly so much smaller. With the internet, there is virtually no one online that you cannot reach.

    The way we live and work has transformed into creating results by surpassing the boundaries of geography and capitalizing on globalization and the convenience of technology.  We live in amazing times.

    All of a sudden you can pretty much learn anything, anywhere and the demand for on-line training continues to grow at exponential rates as corporations and organizations become more conscious and aware of the priority that safety is in the midst of severe economic challenges.

    Why Safety Training Online?

    Online training builds entirely new learning models and combines online education more efficiently and more affordably than traditional training. 

    Online safety training saves companies significant time and money by providing fundamental knowledge to trainees before class even starts, during the process of course application and by streamlining the learning process.

    Now, safety course libraries become an easily accessible portal that works for students when they want to learn.  Today we have a much freer model of learning.

    Safety courses are produced with a combination of multimedia elements, which may include high-impact videos, interactive games, dynamic animations, captivating graphics, voice-over audio, and probing questions designed to help engage trainees.

    It’s no longer about a book and a student. It’s a multimedia experience of text, audio, and video that captures attention as effectively as Television did in its day.

    SafetyNet Q & A

    The OGM: 
    How did SafetyNet evolve into the online training business?

    Our company started with leadership training in the classroom, about 11 years ago, and we had some large clients sign up right away. These large clients had hundreds of locations across many countries and they gave us a purchase order and a company credit card and said ‘off we go’ and I was on the road 23 days each month travelling and training.

    My wife, who owns 50% of the business, said, “your dream is turning into my nightmare”. We had two young kids that would grow up without a father if we kept this pace up, so we looked into online training, presented it to our clients and they agreed it was the future and the way to go. So they helped fund the development of an online training system to take our training online for their organizations.

    About two years into the effort, we were approached by three training companies at a trade show, who were extremely impressed with our online training and asked if we could do this for them. We agreed and created portals in our Learning Management System for them.

    In a very short time, hundreds of other safety training companies asked if we could also do the same thing for them and through word-of-mouth, we grew from three online safety courses and three partnerships with safety training providers to over 500 partnerships and over 600 online courses.

    In 2008, after the markets took a huge hit, our leadership training sales dropped by more than 30%, and our online safety training sales grew by more than 140%. We knew that we could only be known for one thing and do it well.  Would it be leadership” or “online safety”?  We decided at that time to stop all classroom leadership training for all clients and focus on becoming the best in the world at online safety training.


    The OGM:
    What is the vision for training with SafetyNET?

    The SafetyNet a name we created for our network of partnerships that encompasses more than 500 training providers. This network helps fund, promote, and develop the collaboration necessary for our safety software, which has now evolved to become one of the most powerful software tools available in North America.

    The SafetyNET is a network comprised of over 200 companies from across North America that are developing and sharing industry-recognized online safety training courses. Through one centrally-managed system, each of the SafetyNET network partners can create courses in their field of expertise to be shared with other network partners, as well as access the SafetyNET courses for their own or their clients’ use. By collaborating together the SafetyNET network partners are building what will become the most comprehensive library of online safety training courses available on the Internet.

    With the diversity of companies that make up The SafetyNET, as a network partner, it is possible to access a wide range of courses from a variety of categories including driver training, equipment fundamentals, electrical safety, general awareness, and more. Regardless if you are seeking Bear Awareness, Confined Space Entry, Defensive Driving, Demerit Reduction, Firefighting, Ground Disturbance, Fall Protection, Safe Slinging and Rigging, Standard First Aid, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, WHMIS, Wilderness Awareness, or many other safety courses, you will likely find them on The SafetyNET.

    It has grown exponentially over the years and now includes classroom calendar management software, training matrix software, training record management software, digital safety forms and assessments software, and equipment management software.

    The OGM:
    How are technology and innovation shaping training today and in the future?

    We are focused on making our software solution cover a larger spectrum of the training experience.  Our software includes a participant’s history and every program they have ever taken can be uploaded.  As well, the online theory, classroom work, competency, coaching, reviews, updates, assessments and much more are all housed in our software programs.  So essentially it’s a school in a file that spans years, instead of hours.

    We are managing participant files across thousands of companies. This means participants can take the online training with one training provider and have all their competency validation and coaching done by the employer. All of this is tracked, monitored and hosted on one system under one certificate. It’s efficient.

    The OGM:
    What are your most popular courses taken by oil and gas professionals?

    The Online courses include:
    WHMIS 2015
    Ground Disturbance for Supervisors 201
    Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
    Standard First Aid with CPR & AED (CAN)
    Traffic Control Persons for Construction
    Hazard Identification, Assessment, and Control
    Daily Trip Inspection
    Defensive Driving
    WHMIS 2015 & TDG Package
    Chainsaw Safety Awareness
    Formal Workplace Inspections
    Aerial Platform
    Shipping Dangerous Goods by Ground (TDG)
    Weight and Dimensions (Alberta)
    Workplace Harassment Prevention (US)
    Gas Detection
    Transportation of Dangerous Goods – TDG Online
    Bear Awareness
    Forklift Training (Counterbalanced)
    Firefighting & Fire Extinguisher Safety
    Ground Disturbance Awareness Online
    WHMIS Awareness
    Cargo Securement Flatbeds
    Fall Protection Training
    Hours of Service

    The classroom titles include:
    Fall Protection
    Confined Space
    H2S Alive
    Standard First Aid

    The OGM:
    What innovations will be on the horizon for online training?

    We have been approached by three large COR auditing partners who would like us to upgrade our digital forms and assessments to include a full COR Auditing tool which will come out later this year.

    THE OGM:
    How important is safety training in the overall scheme of things?

    That’s like asking, “How important are your lungs?” Pretty important. A fatality costs millions of dollars, but that is a small cost in comparison to the loss of someone life and the impact that has on the people who care about that person, their children, spouse, parents and so many others.

    Safety is a small investment and if done properly, can eliminate the vast majority of workplace injuries and fatalities each year. I was talking to our UBER driver yesterday in Hawaii who had a hearing disability. He worked in the US Army travelling in a lot in helicopters. He lost his hearing due to the exposure to noise over time. He said, “It was my fault, I could have worn ear plugs.”  Something so simple, some proper training on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and he wouldn’t be hearing impaired today.

    The OGM:
    What makes SafetyNet training stand out above the rest?

    BIStrainer.com is the largest Canadian library of online safety training programs available in North America. It is also the most robust learning management software in North America. Plus it is one of the only solutions available that also has a very robust training record management solution, training matrix, classroom management, thousands of digital safety forms, like hazard assessment forms, behaviour based observation forms and it has the COR Audit tool coming at the end of this year.

    Currently, we are fortunate enough to have more than 3,000 customers using the software. Our portfolio of clients includes large established companies like; Suncor, Enbridge, and Gibson Energy.  There are also hundreds of associations utilizing our software that are union and safety training providers such as;  CLAC, ACSA, AMTA, AMHSA, MHSA, HSE Integrated, Levitt-Safety, Leavitt Machinery, etc.

    Many of our customers moved over from other training solutions because of the challenge and limitations they faced. We are online, available 24-7, organized, efficient, accessible and smart about creating sustainable training solutions.  It works, and our clients appreciate that essential cost effective solution – especially in this market.

    Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero

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