by Tina Olivero

    Weatherford Canada: Awarded API Q2 certification

    The Nisku Drilling Services facility at Alberta Canada from Weatherford International has become the second Weatherford complex, after the Weatherford-Canada facility at Newfoundland to become API Q2 certified.

    The API Q2 certification is only awarded to facilities that can demonstrate an overall competent system capable of guaranteeing the highest levels of individual competency of personnel, robust and accurate models of risk assessment and its related handling capabilities and a wide variety of other points all related to upholding the highest values of industrial requirements.

    Official Statement

    As John Raine, the Vice president in charge of handling QHSSE (quality, health, safety, security and environment) at the Weatherford facilities said, the certification is merely a reflection of the success of their internal value driven work in the fields of risk mitigation and go on to show the guarantee for the highest quality of services.

    This was further backed by David Reed, Vice President, Weatherford Canada, who said that this was merely another challenge tackled easily by their team due to its strong ties to safety, culture and excellent team implementing the Operational Excellence and Performance System (OEPS).

    Weatherford drill pump


    Weatherford is one of the leading global firms in the field of drilling and other associated services related to oil and natural gas. Their services deal with not only providing acquisition and analysis of customized reservoir characterisation models with respect to specific petrophysical characteristics but also with various innovative solutions often related to other emerging areas of the petrochemical industry. These include construction of wells in challenging areas with a focus to enhance the safety characteristics of operation, minimization of downtime due to non-productive issues and increasing the maximum output obtainable from any kind of reservoir. From onshore to offshore locations to even deepwater time critical location-varying solutions, the Weatherford team is renowned for providing the best results in a highly competitive industry without giving up on reliability with a presence in over 100 countries at about 1,100 locations with a task force of around 33,100 people.

    From stimulating and completion of wells in practically any environment too well abandonment at the end of its lifecycle, Weatherford has an up-to-date team which is always ready to handle specific challenges particular to the requirement.



    Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero

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