by Tina Olivero

    CLARCOR Industrial Air Supply Launches New Gas Turbine Inlet Filtration Solutions

    May 2016

    CLARCOR Industrial Air, a professional Industrial grade company with specific focus on delivering cost effective solutions in the field of air technology has now reported unsurpassed growth of its clear current PRO (Predictable Reliable Output) systems, growing from 300 units at its inception at 2014 to 800 turbines, a 266% increase in just 18 months.

    About CLARCOR

    CLARCOR is a professional firm with more than 50 years of experience delivering consistent and reliable performance in the field of gas turbine inlet filtration through research and monitoring of data based on the specific site requirements. Some of the salient features boasted by the company include round the clock maintenance facilities, lower operating costs as compared to the competitive products in the same range and a superior protection against corrosion and fouling.

    Newest Advancements

    As mentioned above, the PRO system is one of the top line products from the stables of CLARCOR with all the benefits you would expect from HEPA rated filters without the associated cost of maintenance. Not only that, it is available in the form of vCell, pocket, panel and cartridge filters with various geometries and can be fitted into a new installation or be retrofitted into an existing installation in cross-flow, up-flow, and split up-flow configurations both for onshore and offshore facilities.

    Besides this, the BP Nanopleat filter, another product from CLARCOR is a state of the art filter equipped with technologies shown to enhance the working pattern of pulse cleaning systems with better dust holding capacity, better accessibility and decreased operational pressures guaranteeing a higher performance return through a longer lifespan.

    Current Work Plan

    The current management at CLARCOR Industrial Air is focused towards more specialized solutions focusing on specific challenges. This was further clarified by Paul Sennett, General Manager of Gas Turbine Filtration, “Our focus is to increase plant profitability through predictable, reliable turbine output without large maintenance overheads”. To this effect, CLARCOR Industrial Air has recently acquired an independent manufacturer of cartridges for dust collection and gas turbine filtration which has gone on to increase and improve their already exceptional products to greater heights.

    From Gas Turbine specialized OEM to the real world data monitoring to suit specific environments, CLARCOR Industrial Air is making sweeps in the industrial sector for decades. In this aspect, better products with higher output at better reliability is expected to push these limits even further. In the words of Sennett, “We will continue to develop solutions that offer real value for money by increasing turbine power output and lowering maintenance overheads.”


    Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero

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