by Tina Olivero

    Goodall launches intelligent Kemflex Chemical Hose

    Goodall, a primary hose supplier in the global market is all set to launch its newest product, the Kemflex SD chemical hose. The new hose is expected to be a major breakthrough in the world of industrial liquid supply solutions associated with transport barges, chemical plants or truck services.

    The new Kemflex SD hose is highly chemical resistant, yet offering superior flexibility. This, when combined with the factor that it is resistant to kinking, offers a great product for the use in chemical industry dealing with acids, alkali, and alcohols. It can even be used with salt soluble liquids as well. In preparation to make it abrasion and weather (including ozone) resistant, the new hose has been designed with a rubber sleeve which ensures a longer life cycle as well.

    According to Bruce Stevenson, the business development manager for Goodall, the Kemflex hose is a perfect solution for industrial grade applications where the performance level is as important as the safety of operations. He went on to add, “The Kemflex SD hose is the only fully conductive chemical hose currently available in North America. It offers added protection for applications in which static electricity can occur, as well as a 300 PSI maximum working pressure. The Kemflex SD hose is one of the safest and most durable hoses you can find for various chemical applications”.

    The Kemflex SD hose will be distributed by Lewis Goetz, a fully owned company under ERIKS, North America.


    About Goodall

    Goodall is a standard industrial name in association with hosing solutions in North America and Europe for over a century now. Their drive for producing new and innovative solutions which provide optimum quality assurance while maintaining the top standards for safety and deployment in the global sector is second to none. From special attention on R&D to the incorporation of precision at the assembly and the distribution level, Goodall is indeed a leading worldwide manufacturer in their area. For more information, visit www.Goodallhoses.com.

    Lewis Goetz

    Lewis Goetz is the biggest industrial solution distributor in North America since 1935. Their mission critical delivery of components in the hose, belting and sealing industry is hailed as one of the top-tier business models globally. From research to troubleshooting, their specialists are trained to identify and deal with problems before they become threats. In 2015, the Modern Distribution Management (MDM) magazine ranked them 19th in their list of the Top 40 Industrial Distributors. For any other information, visit www.lewis-goetz.com.


    ERIKS is a global concern providing cutting edge selection of engineering and logistics services to their clients since 1940. Their current product range is widely divided into 5 major divisions: flow technology, tools, maintenance and safety products, industrial plastics, power transmission and bearings & sealing and rubber technology. They operate in over 27 countries with 60 companies serving more than 200,000 customers in the OEM, MRO and project distribution. They had a total sales of over €2.0 billion (USD 2.7 billion) in 2014 alone and are a fully owned subsidiary of SHV Holdings, N.V., a multinational firm with a combines sales of over €14.9 billion (USD 19.7 billion) in 2014. Visit www.ERIKS.com for more information.

    Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero

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