by Tina Olivero

    3 Tried and True Motivators for Tough Times!

    Massive opportunity is found in adversity

    Smart and progressive entrepreneurs realize that it’s the tough times that hold the greatest investment, expansion and diversification yields. Downturns mean that the break in “business as usual” holds massive breakthroughs right after it.  Look around.  Where are the people you couldn’t hire but now can?  Where’s the new more innovative and efficient solution that is now available to you?  What’s the technological advancement that will change the game?  Where’s this new diversification going to take you? These are the questions of the day. It’s a time for brainstorming, investing, creating and embracing the opportunities that most don’t see!

    Be creative, innovative and think back from the future!

    Where there’s a breakdown there is always a breakthrough. Tough times require creativity, innovation, new inventions, and the ability to look out into the future and see what’s going to be needed.  Creativity comes from looking at your clients world and ensuring that what you are supplying them has massive and unprecedented value. Stop slashing prices to stay afloat. Beat out the competition by providing so much that they can’t work without you. Look into the future. Discover needs, trends, wants, desires, solutions, and advances that you can architect right now.  The future and its demands hold the key.

    Globalization and collaboration

    A downturn in the economy is what makes us humble. It gets us grounded in the reality that we are not infallible and that partners, joint ventures, contractors and other connected relationships are paramount. This is the era of globalization and we can avail of unprecedented opportunities by harnessing a global workforce, global suppliers, global technology, global innovation and global markets to sell into.  Never before have we had so much “access” and resources at our fingertips.  The world is literally in the palm of our hands with iphones and other instant access devices.  Things are speeding up exponentially and you can embrace that speed and growth in a way that will catapult your business results to entirely new place!

    Enjoy the trip!

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