by Tina Olivero

    The OGM Clients Support Breast Cancer

    When we can help — we should. That’s the premise our society of contribution follows, making Newfoundland and Labrador one of the most generous places on earth.

    Here at The OGM we are committed to building a business with contribution as a foundation of our culture. Our goal is to create new and interesting ways for our clients to be involved. Our most recent project allowed our clients to donate a percentage of their advertising spend with The OGM to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF).

    Paula Tessier, the Community Relations Officer for CBCF, said, “I can’t tell you how much the donation from The OGM advertisers means. It’s fantastic to know that others are looking at ways to support our work. We’ve come so far already, so many strides and discoveries that help with diagnosis and treatment, but there’s a lot left to discover and do. Your support is allowing that to happen and we are so appreciative.”

    Currently CBCF has awarded funds for four relevant and innovative breast cancer research projects happening right here, right now at Memorial University. The total value of these current four projects is nearly $500,000.

     CBCF has also recently funded a library project in NL where all public libraries were given over 25 support resources each, so breast cancer patients and their families can access support materials for free.

     And to date, CBCF has been the proud lead supporter of the Annual NL Breast Cancer Retreat: a weekend of educational, medical, and therapeutic support for 180 breast cancer patients and survivors from all corners of our province. This is a life changing weekend, and it is particularly useful for anyone newly diagnosed with breast cancer. To date CBCF has awarded over $300,000 to this exceptional event.

    Featured in the photo above is Paula Tessier (left) and Sherry Bishop (middle), who is a strong and positive, breast cancer survivor. When you meet Sherry, you can’t help but notice her shining light and vigour. Sherry’s life has forever changed and she’s grateful for the personal growth she’s experienced since being diagnosed. A mother of two boys and seven grandchildren, Sherry lives a healthy life and touts a positive attitude that permeates her personality.

    On behalf of the clients of The OGM we are please to have made a contribution. Let’s do more!  To make a donation call: 709-368-0008, email: ptessier@cbcf.org or visit: www.cbcf.org/atlantic

    Acknowledging the vast contributions of women in industry.

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