by Deanne Lee

    BELFOR Atlantic – It’s all about the people

    “The future depends on what you do today.” Mahatma Gandhi

    What makes a company really great, is the people. BELFOR Atlantic is a company rich in people with years of experience and contribution. The BELFOR Atlantic team holds a wealth of knowledge and solutions for property restoration and environmental remediation, for the Offshore Industry.

    “They have been around for a long time!” BELFOR Atlantic, a division of BELFOR International, has been a diverse and consistent force in the Atlantic Canadian workplace for almost 30 years. Not only is BELFOR the largest Canadian disaster recovery and property restoration company, it is the worldwide leader. BELFOR restores commercial and residential properties damaged after fire, water and storm damage of every kind and on any scale. They enable businesses and private customers to overcome the consequences of property damage quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively.

    They are different, seriously!

    “They are different, seriously!” What makes the Atlantic face of BELFOR different than any other BELFOR office in the world is the fact that the Atlantic group offers three lines of service: HVACC inspection and cleanings; Property Restoration; and Environmental Remediation. Having been established in the oil and gas sector in Newfoundland and Labrador since 2005, BELFOR has partnered with its sister offices in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia; Saint John and Moncton, New Brunswick to assist with the expansion of their HVACC services in the oil and gas industry. They are approaching that expansion with the same consistency, quality of work, and vigorous spirit that has proved in the past to construct solid partnerships throughout their ventures.

    The head office for BELFOR Newfoundland and Labrador is located in the city of Paradise and is the largest staffed BELFOR office in North America. Other offices serving the province are located in Marystown, Corner Brook, Gander and Labrador City.

    Tim Benoit, a carpenter and interior system specialist by trade, has been working with the Newfoundland and Labrador Branch of BELFOR Atlantic since 2010. Tim previously worked as a trade’s instructor before joining the BELFOR Team as a Project Manager. Today, Tim is the Branch Manager at the Paradise office. Managing one of the largest staffed offices in the BELFOR world has had its challenges; however, Tim feels that one of the biggest lessons he’s learned is: “how to work with people. People learn on their own so rather than teaching them, I coach them instead.” He says he is certainly not an expert in all fields but feels he is able to help his staff when needed.

    New HVACC Technology

    In March 2015, the Newfoundland BELFOR office acquired a new HVACC system to support the inspection and cleaning services, for the Offshore industry. Since 2005, this company has been providing robotic HVACC inspection and cleaning services to the offshore industry. Tim says, “This new and advanced equipment is a Montreal-made robot (named Desert Storm) that will really improve the level of service and the quality of the product we provide to clients who own commercial properties and operate offshore. The end product is generally a written report supported by a video CD generated by the robot working inside the HVAC system. Desert Storm is the latest, most innovative technology available and will allow us to offer a more comprehensive and complete duct cleaning service for property managers and offshore clients.”

    BELFOR Atlantic: Looking ahead

    Mark Genge, Regional Manager of BELFOR Atlantic says that although “2015 has provided many economic challenges in the oil and gas industry because of the market, it has also provided a venue and opportunity to solidify partnerships, grow relationships and truly see who the solid players are.” In keeping with BELFOR Canada’s tradition of supplying effective and efficient specialists and specialties, Mark says they have expanded their HVACC division in both Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and Saint John, New Brunswick. “In Atlantic Canada we have always partnered on developing each other’s strengths and have continuously evolved and grown. Our goal is to provide a response team in the Atlantic that will ensure we can quickly be on deck for our oil and gas partners on both sea and land.”

    Although many companies are affected by the economic downturn, BELFOR Atlantic hopes to maintain their success in the Region. Both Mark and Tim remain optimistic – they also take great pride in their offices, their staff and the work they do. Tim says, “For us, the work will always be there,” and adds, “We have to improve, be better and be the best. We have a great, dedicated staff,” and laughs, “It seems hot water tanks don’t leak during the day.” He says that their company is equipped with the staff, materials and supplies to deal with anything 24/7.

    Mark, having transitioned from being the General Manager for the Newfoundland and Labrador operation to the Regional Manager for Atlantic Canada sums up by saying, “We have a great opportunity to regionally pursue many huge opportunities. The future is bright and exciting from where I sit!”

    To learn more about BELFOR Canada,

    visit: https://www.belfor.com/en/ca

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