by Tina Olivero

    Workforce Wisdom

    A look into the future.

    Business of the future is a whole new era of productivity that is not work but rather it will be a self expression, rooted in the qualities of what truly fulfills us – it will have nothing to do with money. While this may seem like a bold statement, all it takes is a look at our children to realize that they will be working in areas that are aligned with their passions and purpose and who they truly are and will not settle for anything less.

    We can see this easily in our children but it’s not so easy to see in ourselves – yet it is essential if we are to embrace these changing times. Creating corporations and organizations of sustainability and power we will need to adopt a culture that supports our creative abilities and are aligned with our desires and passions starting now. We will begin by implementing new systems and operating from what’s fun, what’s desirable and what’s good for all. Those are new ways of thinking and acting and call on a whole new era of products and services that honor us and serve our commnunity and the world.

    This new corporate culture supports our mental, physical and emotional well being and engages us as a full and whole person without separating personal and professional lives, but rather merging all into a higher self expression – the new work order. This clearly explains why social media has become such a hit. Our personal and professional lives are becoming integrated as one, and applications like Facebook clearly offer such an environment. One minute you’re writing a report and the next your writing to your kids. That’s an evolution!

    Personal Attributes

    Hiring individuals for this new order of business will look for a whole new set of attributes. While competence is important, personal values and ethics become even more important. A person must hold the qualities of sincerity, reliability, integrity, creativity, entrepreneurship, positivity, being solution oriented, and one who focuses on what’s positive and what’s possible as they approach daily challenges and turn them into opportunities.

    Work lives will articulate self responsibility and higher more evolved ways of being and acting so that we become inventors and creators of our reality. We will hold ourselves personally responsible for the outcomes (able to respond) without personal judgment, blame or being a victim of circumstances, and therefore our workforce will become extremely powerful as a result.

    This new level of emotional well being, operating from integrity and ultimately manifesting our own destiny from free will and choice is how we will operate as powerful creators. This new way of working has us able to respond to all challenges in front of us, and turn those challenges into opportunity by articulating what is to be learned and newly implemented. Problems and breakdowns then become the catalyst for creating new structures for success and morality. “Judgment” will go out of the window, as we embrace our mistakes as our best teachers.

    We all have the power to create, grow, develop, be empowered, and enjoy the challenge of bringing all of that forward to meet the companies vision and goals. Imagine an environment with 1000 employees where each person comes to work on a daily basis, focused on solutions, creative systems and problem solving, team unity and direction. Do you think productivity would increase? Would your company diversify and expand in innumerable ways? Would empowered team members far exceed performance expectations working from passion and desire?

    New ways of thinking and believing in the new corporate consciousness will create a new world. Negativity is no longer the desired state. Gossip is no longer the desired culture. Hierarchy is no longer the accepted power struggle. Rather, leadership is instilled within each individual and peoples strengths are catapulting organizations beyond any business plan could ever achieve.

    Team Dynamics

    Team dynamics will change dramatically. As we come to understand the unity of the whole team and how that unity and connection is far more productive than going it alone, results will begin to catapult. In the new era of business we will create teams that clearly understand that while the individual may make things happen fast, it’s the team that actually delivers us to the destination and executes the vision.

    Fundamentally we will understand that alone we can move fast, but together we go far. Highly evolved companies will clearly support powerful teams, networks, communication and connection. In doing so, relationships foster at greater levels, communication expands and multidimensional teams create a new and highly productive dynamic.

    Companies of the future will diversify though creativity, globalize through technology and unify the world through people consciousness. That work life environment certainly welcomes us into an inspiring future and creates a world that we are excited to work in! Bring on the future!

    Pioneering the Future

    We are pioneering a new conscious world for our corporations. As we see implement concepts like transparency, networks of full communication, anti-corruption and corporate consciousness we begin to open up and lighten up in this newly energized environment. Opportunities and possibilities emerge that we never thought possible. As we embark on a diversified corporate culture beyond any we have achieved before we realize that all that struggling to survive and all that low level economic demise and lack mentality is a thing of the past.

    Deeply rooted in highly evolved principals and ways of operating this newly evolved corporate culture provides an environment that clearly supports its people and the people of the world. Boundaries come down, boarders are eliminated, race, color and creed are no longer discriminators and team unity prevails.

    While we may seem like pioneers of a new world order and that the rest of the world is still steeped in the old mindsets and ways of operating, keep pioneering because in very short order the corporate consciousness will amass to this new level and you can then relax with your already established company and team, and enjoy the ride!

    Tina Olivero

    30 years ago, Tina Olivero looked into the future and saw an opportunity to make a difference for her province and people. That difference came in the form of the oil and gas sector. Six years before there was even a drop of oil brought to the shores of Newfoundland, she founded The Oil and Gas Magazine (THE OGM) from a back room in her home on Signal Hill Road, in St. John’s, Newfoundland. A single mother, no financing, no previous journalism or oil and gas experience, she forged ahead, with a creative vision and one heck of a heaping dose of sheer determination. With her pioneering spirit, Ms. Olivero developed a magazine that would educate, inspire, motivate and entertain oil and gas readers around the world — She prides herself in marketing and promoting our province and resources in unprecedented ways. The OGM is a magazine that focuses on our projects, our people, our opportunities and ultimately becomes the bridge to new energy outcomes and a sustainable new energy world. Now diversifying into the communications realms, a natural progression from the Magazine, The OGM now offers an entirely new division - Oil & Gas Media. Today, The Oil and Gas Magazine is a global phenomenon that operates not only in Newfoundland, but also in Calgary and is read by oil and gas enthusiasts in Norway, Aberdeen, across the US and as far reaching as Abu Dhabi, in the Middle East. Believing that Energy is everyone’s business, Ms. Olivero has combined energy + culture to embrace the worlds commitment to a balance of work and home life as well as fostering a foundation for health and well being. In this era of growth and development business and lifestyle are an eloquent mix, there is no beginning or end. Partnering with over 90 oil and gas exhibitions and conferences around the world, Ms. Olivero's role as a Global Visionary is to embrace communication in a way that fosters oil and gas business and industry growth in new and creative ways.

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