Tech Featured Stories:

    • A Wireless World

      by Gina Hartmann

      It’s easy to imagine: you’re far away from any outlet, and your phone is beeping, demanding to be recharged. The ten percent power bar is flashing in your face, creating a slight panic in your impeding phone-less future. What if you didn’t have to find an outlet? What if your phone could recharge without wires? […]

    • Elon Musk – Changing the Face of Energy

      by Danielle Larmon

      It’s hard to think of Elon Musk and not be awed by possibility. The Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Motors is a modern innovator worthy of the company’s namesake. Musk is the visionary behind the possible colonization of Mars, the driving force behind Tesla Motors’ electric cars, the bright mind behind the Powerwall/Powerpack household/commercial batteries […]

    • Oil Extraction & Upgrading Technology

      by Tina Olivero

      Twin Hills Resources and Partners Economic and Environmental Solutions in the Oil Sands he oil and gas industry is constantly evolving and looking for new ways of being more productive and cost-effective. Lowering the cost of bitumen production has always been important, however now it is becoming more critical. Time and time again we have […]

    • Cyber Security and Control Networks: From Business Risks to Safety Risks

      by David Meltzer

      New cybersecurity threats are in the news every week, but an alarming trend is just starting to get attention: instead of only impacting the internal operations of computers and networks, attacks are now actually creating serious physical damage.  Starting with the “STUXNET” cyber-attack against Iran’s nuclear program aimed at damaging centrifuges, all the way up […]

    • High Temperature Linings for Sulfur Storage Tanks

      Belzona Polymerics Limited Exposé

      Molten sulfur is present in an ever widening range of industries and liquid sulfur storage tanks are used worldwide in crude oil refineries and natural gas plants to store liquid sulfur in very large volumes. Sulfur storage tanks are most commonly utilised as part of the Gas Treating System in sour crude oil refineries and […]

    • Calgary: Opening Doors To Energy Technology

      by Marek Lorenc and Lori Stewart

      In Part Two of this series we introduced you to a number of programs that are aiding and assisting the development of the energy technology industry in Calgary. In this piece, Part Three, we explore some innovative technology companies that are taking full advantage of these resources and the unique market opportunity we have in […]

    • Are You Linked In?

      by Alison Stoodley

      For a lot of executives and busy entrepreneurs social media runs along quietly in the background or shows up occasionally as something you might scan for a second or two, if you bother to pay attention at all. I hear frequently from business people that they don’t care what anyone had for lunch or where […]

    • Get The Government To Fund Your R&D

      by Lloyed Lobo

      Are you innovating to take your production even further? You may qualify for money back from the government. Every year the Canadian government provides approximately $3.5 billion to 30,000 companies through the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit program. The program was introduced in the 1980s and is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency […]

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