Amy Sturge

Amy Sturge

Arctic Engineer WorleyParsons - Intecsea

Amy Sturge was raised in Mount Pearl, NL, and completed an engineering degree in 2009 at Memorial University in ocean and naval architecture. Through work terms, Amy developed an interest in the Arctic and operating in harsh environments, and she chose to follow this path towards graduate studies and a career with INTECSEA Canada. Being able to work in Canada, Norway, and the United States for these work terms has allowed Amy to gain an appreciation for international collaboration and challenges while working in the Arctic.

Outside of work, Amy has developed a love for cooking and baking, and she enjoys traveling with her family and competing with rowing and figure skating teams.

We asked Amy:

The OGM: What does sustainability mean to you?

Amy: To me, sustainability means having foresight in determining the impact of a project beyond completion. I think of sustainability on a personal level as well, in acknowledging that continuing education and improvement will enable long-term capability.

The OGM: Have you had a mentor?

Amy: Throughout the past six years, I’ve been lucky to have mentors during work terms, studies, and my career, who have all been influential in the Arctic and ice engineering sector. Working with them has motivated me to become a motivated, hardworking, and creative thinker. Working with them has taught me how a person can have an impact in a sector.

The OGM: What does success mean to you?

Amy: Success means being proud of the work you’ve completed and gaining others’ trust in your abilities.

The OGM: If you were to describe your career in three words what would they be?

Amy: Diversified, energetic, and rewarding.

The OGM: What advice would you give to someone looking for a career in the energy industry?

Amy: Find the job that suits you and don’t be scared to take a chance. There are so many opportunities in this industry, and as a young person, you shouldn’t settle for a job, but find the right placement for yourself. Enjoying where you work and what you’re doing is one of the most important factors.

The OGM: Describe a milestone in your career?

Amy: A milestone for me has been being able to work in a sector that I am passionate about and can apply my knowledge and skills to projects that affect where I live.

The OGM: Describe a challenge you faced in your career?

Amy: Developing confidence in your knowledge when working on projects and being able to gain trust from your colleagues as a professional in this industry have been challenging.

The OGM: What impact does technology have on your career?

Amy: Technology is involved in my everyday activities and thus has a substantial impact on my career. It’s what allows us to communicate with co-workers around the work instantly and gain access to information.

The OGM: What do the next five years look like in your career?

Amy: I find it hard to have a five-year outlook as things can change so quickly. I know I will continue to work in an environment that allows for personal and professional development.

The OGM: Were you always interested in a career in energy?

Amy: No, I was not always interested in the energy sector. I had formed opinions about the industry prior to having worked in it. It wasn’t until I accepted a work term in Norway that I appreciated the connections between all disciplines to the energy industry, and how someone could be involved and be able to create change from within.

The OGM: What interests you to sustain a career in the energy industry?

Amy: The diversity of the projects that occur and the ability to apply skills on a worldwide level. There are opportunities to work in any region around the world that have a part to play in the energy industry.

The OGM: Do you have a role model you look up to?

Amy: No specific role model, however, family, friends, and coworkers who have established careers for themselves are what drive me to succeed.

The OGM: What does energy mean to you?

Amy: Energy is a lifeline to me. We are fueled on energy and every aspect of our day requires energy.

The OGM: What is your favorite APP on your phone?

Amy: Instagram—I love seeing how people capture life through photography, but also Yelp. One of my favorite things to do is dining while travelling.

The OGM: What impact will the Millennial Generation have on the energy industry?

Amy: I think the Millennial Generation will continue to evolve the energy industry, and bring innovation in terms of where energy is sourced from and how we capture it.

The OGM: What’s your take on social media and our ever-changing digital world?

Amy: Social media has become a powerful tool in terms of communication and connecting people to people. I sometimes forget the scale in which it is intertwined in our lives. I feel like most things start throughout social media these days, in terms of things going viral and becoming so popular.

The OGM: What social medium do you use on a daily basis?

Amy: I use Facebook to communicate to different groups that I am involved with, as well as twitter for news headlines, and daily specials for some of my favorite places to lunch.

The OGM: Do you use social media for work?

Amy: I use LinkedIn and have joined groups through that medium to keep in the loop of information for the Arctic sector.

The OGM: What do you think of social recruiting?

Amy: I have never used social recruiting, and am still a fan of people-to-people conversations for recruitment.

The OGM: Why do you love what you do?

Amy: I stay passionate and love what I do simply because I am so interested in the Arctic and its evolution. There are still so many unknowns for this region, and there are exciting challenges to try to solve.

Amy Sturge
Arctic Engineering E.I.T, INTECSEA
Tel +1 709-733-7099

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