Matthew Kenna - President, MANTL Canada Inc.

Matthew Kenna

President, MANTL Canada Inc.

Visionaries are the people who make things happen. They don’t look at the odds, the limitations or the obstacles – instead they focus on what’s possible. Matthew Kenna was one of a handful of people responsible for Kudu Industries’ lucrative sale to Schlumberger in 2014. Matt held roles as CFO, COO, and VP of International Sales with Kudu and under his guidance, it grew from a $30 million company to a $200+ million company.

An effective leader must possess an array of skills and attributes. Matt has excelled in a variety of executive-level positions in operations, finance, and sales. He is a Black Belt in LEAN Manufacturing having held the title of Vice President, Manufacturing for Alkhorayef Petroleum in Saudi Arabia for two years. Closer to home as the Vice President International Business Development and Operations, Matt was responsible for negotiating and managing the two largest contracts in Kudu Industries’ history—an $83 million sale in Venezuela as well as a $97 million sale in Kuwait. A CMA by trade, Matt brings extensive financial experience to the group from his role as Chief Financial Officer at Kudu Industries, and he understands how to generate tremendous value for both the company and its customers.

Matthew is a down-to-earth leader who gains respect through action. He is approachable and wouldn’t ask anything from his team that he wouldn’t be willing to do himself. His vision is to have a company that allows everyone to use their own expertise to contribute to the overall success.

With that level of experience, vision, and talent, Matthew Kenna is now President of his own company, MANTL Canada Inc., a new Progressing Cavity Pump company that started in Calgary, Canada in 2015.

Starting a company at the time of lowest oil prices in decades has been a challenge but not a deterrent. Matthew has made sure he positions his new startup to achieve fast and steady success along with his new strategic partners. Matthew says, “We employ the philosophies of LEAN manufacturing to keep our costs to an absolute minimum. We’re working owners… nobody understands the sensitivities to cost and the importance of top notch service in this down turn better than we do.”

Matthew says, “Our management team has over 200 years of combined PCP experience in the oil and gas industry. We use our hard-earned expertise to explore new ways to expand the PCP market and get products to you that much faster. Using a wellhead-back approach, we work with our clients to build the right tools for the job, whether it’s above or below ground. And because we use standardized assembly right in your backyard, we can give you the quality products and site service you need.”

MANTL may be a new company, but it has mighty aspirations. Competing with companies like Schlumberger and Halliburton, MANTL has positioned itself as the smaller, yet powerful, more cost-effective solution. Matthew explains the MANTL advantage: “The heart of a great PCP system is the pump. The team at MANTL has designed a completely new line of Progressing Cavity Pumps. Using the knowledge gained from decades in the field, our proprietary pumps are engineered for maximum efficiency and long run life.”


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