New Energy Innovation Featured Stories:

    • Alberta’s Clean Energy Story

      by Aaryn Lambert

      The Alberta Story Located in Western Canada, Alberta is a province rich with a beautiful environment, abundant natural resources, a strong economy and a stable political system. Albertans are proud of their home, and understand they share responsibility to protect the planet. The province is doing its part to move the world towards a clean […]

    • Europe’s Changing Energy Landscape

      by Paul Garrett

      The energy scenario in Europe is very different now to that of a decade ago. Yet, just as a future dominated by a new generation of offshore wind power and new nuclear investment beckoned, two game-changing events have pushed energy policy into more new directions – the discovery of shale gas in northern Europe and […]

    • Oil and Gas Opportunities and Prospects of Renewable Energy in Africa

      by Olusegun Iselaiye

      With a blistering pace of several crude oil deposit discoveries, Africa has become a continent to partner with. For any investor with an eye on the huge opportunities, Africa’s oil and gas exploration and production has made a major impact on global resource potential. With the recent significant reserves found in Ghana, nearly all the […]

    • What’s in Your Pipeline?

      by Aaryn Lambert

      Municipalities learning there are dependable supplements to natural gas. Across the country, cities and towns are becoming more involved with alternative energy and renewable energy projects that deliver methane gas from non-traditional sources. What these municipalities are discovering is biogas can serve as a supplement to natural gas in this country’s transmission and distribution systems, […]

    • CO2 Treasure That Won’t Need Burying

      by Graham Chandler

      Millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide belch into the atmosphere each day. Is sequestration the solution? An upstart California company has a better way. Imagine if you could capture the CO2 that’s being released into the atmosphere in the millions of tons worldwide every day and turn it into common everyday fuels like gasoline and diesel. If […]