Sports Featured Stories:

    • The Rush of Polo

      by Rebecca Bollenbach

      If you were standing at the intersection of Westheimer and post oak today, you might find it ­difficult to believe that traveling back in time to a Sunday afternoon in 1928, you would be out in the country watching a polo match. In those days, the site was the home of the Houston riding and polo club, […]

    • The Flames Foundation

      by Jennifer Hope Conrad

      What They Mean to Calgary, Alberta. The OGM had the privilege of talking to Candice Goudie, executive director of the Flames Foundation for Life in Calgary.  We asked Candice how the Foundation was contributing to the city and being corporately responsible to those who love the sport of hockey. Here’s what Candice had to say, […]

    • What Olympic Champions Say About Success

      by Tina Olivero

      The OGM had the chance to ­interview Brad Gushue, ­Olympic ­champion in the sport of ­curling. A local resident of St. John’s, ­Newfoundland, Brad is your average all-Canadian guy on the outside, but on the inside he’s a fireball. Sponsored by oil and gas industries’ FourQuest Energy, Brad continues an inspiring career in curling, and […]

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