by Jennifer Hope Conrad

    The Flames Foundation

    What They Mean to Calgary, Alberta.

    The OGM had the privilege of talking to Candice Goudie, executive director of the Flames Foundation for Life in Calgary.  We asked Candice how the Foundation was contributing to the city and being corporately responsible to those who love the sport of hockey.

    Here’s what Candice had to say, “The major purpose of the Foundation for Life is to support as many initiatives around the city as we can that align with our mandate. The Foundation has been giving back to the community for three decades through various initiatives that impact positive change in southern Alberta and have collectively donated over $32 million dollars in support of local causes.”

    Through various initiatives, The Calgary Flames Hockey Club and their charitable arm, the Flames Foundation for Life, continue to touch the lives of thousands of people throughout their commitment to education, medical research, health, and amateur sports and recreation. Many sponsors for our six signature events, which serve as the primary fundraisers for the Foundation, come from the oil and gas/energy industry. Without the help of our corporate sponsorship, we would not be able to do what we do.

    “Our fundraising efforts allow us to focus on giving back through our pro sports team, which supports the Foundation, to improve the lives of those who live in our community through grassroots and amateur sports. In every aspect from subsidy to building or updating rinks, the Foundation supports local hockey through annual donations, supporting players with corporate assistance.” Goudie went on to say, “While hockey is a major focus of the Foundation, we are also thrilled to add support through the Rotary Flames House– Alberta’s first free-standing pediatric hospice in conjunction with the Ronald McDonald house and its onsite Rotary Flames Park, where the Foundation is able to support families with a child receiving medical treatment at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.”

    Jennifer Hope Conrad

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