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  • bakken shale north american oil field

    The Bakken Shale: More Good News Out of North America’s Most Prominent Oil Field

    Thursday, 6 Jun 2013 | by Melanie Bickford The Bakken formation is the oldest and most sound source of crude oil in North American history. The Bakken formation is the oldest and most sound source of crude oil in North American history. This...
  • C-Mar Newfoundland Mair

    C-MAR’s New Location: Bay Bulls, Newfoundland

    Tuesday, 4 Jun 2013 | by Melanie Bickford Mair has a very interesting history. Early in his career, he started out working at sea on supply and ­diving support vessels, ­eventually ­becoming a captain. While living and working in the...
  • The Bakken Formation – Our Modern Day Gold Rush

    Thursday, 4 Apr 2013 | by Melanie Bickford New and Prolific Technologies After years of declining oil production, a rediscovery in the prairies has renewed optimism for the abundance of resources available right in our own backyard. The...
  • clean energy harnessing the power of tides

    Clean, Predictable, And Renewable: Harnessing The Power Of The Tides

    Saturday, 8 Dec 2012 | by Melanie Bickford The Bay of Fundy is receiving a great deal of attention from proponents of ocean energy and from those in the industry seeking a more sustainable and green future. This 270 km long ocean bay is...
  • Birdie Malloy's Irish Pub

    Bridie Molloy’s: Keeping Our Irish Legacy Alive and Well!

    Friday, 24 Aug 2012 | by Melanie Bickford Newfoundland culture as we know it today stems from the diverse backgrounds of explorers who made their way overseas to new land hundreds of years ago.  These pioneers risked life and limb on the...
  • George Street Nightlife

    George Street: Where Nightlife Comes Alive

    Sunday, 26 Feb 2012 | by Melanie Bickford In Newfoundland, a “time” is traditionally known as a party or social event where you’ll find entertainment, dancing, a gathering of friends, and good food and drink. Basically it’s a...

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