Chris Coben

Collins Barrow

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4 years
Chris is an accounting professional with over four years of experience. He received a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan in 2010 and joined Collins Barrow as a full-time articling student in September 2010. Chris qualified as a Chartered Accountant in July 2013 and was promoted to manager in September of 2014. Chris is a manager on a Client Services team with responsibility for providing a broad range of clients with auditing, accounting, and income tax and compliance services. He is involved in annual university recruiting efforts as well as training and staff & business development.

Recent Activity

  • sustainability tax incentives

    Talking Sustainability? Think Tax Incentives.

    Friday, 12 Jun 2015 | by Chris Coben What company servicing Canada’s beleaguered oil and gas sector wouldn’t stand to benefit from a sizeable tax break just about now? Even rudimentary research and development work in most Canadian...

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