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  • Paul J. Johnson – Leaving our community alive!

    Paul J. Johnson – A Tribute to a Passionate Community Leader

    Thursday, 12 Nov 2015 | by Amanda Hookey Paul J. Johnson was a man of many facets – Altruist, Leader, Philanthropist, and Doctor of Laws are a few titles he garnered through his life’s work. A contemplative man by nature he took...
  • The power of magnification and multiplication

    Geoff Eaton – The Power of Magnification and Multiplication

    Tuesday, 10 Nov 2015 | by Amanda Hookey On a microscopic level, cancer starts with free radicals, a molecule that has an unmatched energy composition at the subatomic level. Free radicals have enormous potential for change. Positive,...
  • Bed Bug Sniffers!

    Orkin Canada: Bed Bug Sniffers!

    Tuesday, 13 Oct 2015 | by Amanda Hookey Keeping people safe on the job is not just about machinery and industrial methodologies. It’s also about hygienic working and living conditions. For the most part, we are unaware of the unseen bugs...
  • Surviving a Brain Injury

    Surviving a Brain Injury

    Saturday, 10 Oct 2015 | by Amanda Hookey Brain injury can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Traumatic brain injury interferes with how the neurological (nervous system) functions work. When nerves in the brain are damaged they can no...
  • Google Glass - The Smart Wearable Intelligence

    Google Glass – The Smart Wearable Intelligence

    Thursday, 17 Sep 2015 | by Amanda Hookey Glasses have now evolved to become wearable intelligence. Not only do they help you see the world around you – they now allow you to interact with it. Glasses are worn to enhance vision, fix...
  • construction safety

    15 Million Person Hours Incident Free At Hebron Mega Project

    Thursday, 20 Aug 2015 | by Amanda Hookey In the Oil Gas industry, many factors can contribute to employee injury; however, prevention can be achieved. Preventative measures include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safety training,...