by Tina Olivero

    Greengate Biogas Partnership Powers Ireland’s Green Future

    Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), in collaboration with Atlas Renewables and Energex Partners, has launched the Greengate Biogas partnership in Ireland. This dynamic alliance aims to revolutionize the biogas landscape by developing, constructing, and operating cutting-edge biogas plants, primarily using manure as feedstock. The initiative promises to be a game-changer in Ireland’s renewable energy sector, aligning with national goals and contributing significantly to the green transition.

    Transforming Waste to Energy: The Greengate Vision

    Under the stewardship of CI Advanced Biofuels Fund I (CI ABF I), managed by CIP, the Greengate Biogas partnership is set to harness manure, a resource abundant in Ireland, to produce nearly 1.8 TWh of biomethane annually. This output will account for approximately 3.5% of Ireland’s current natural gas demand and a substantial 30% of the biomethane target set for 2030 in the country’s recent biomethane strategy. Such a production capacity translates to heating over 160,000 homes or fulfilling 20% of the industrial gas demand in Ireland.

    Andreas F. Brandt, Partner at CIP, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are excited to enter the Irish bioenergy industry with Greengate Biogas. This partnership will significantly contribute to the green transition, create local jobs, and spur investments across agricultural and rural economies. Ireland is a key market for CIP, and alongside our existing interests in offshore wind and solar power, we anticipate substantial growth in biogas contributing to renewable energy production, CO2 reduction, and water quality management.”

    Manure to Methane: A Sustainable Solution

    The Greengate Biogas initiative stands out for its innovative approach to waste management. By utilizing manure as the primary feedstock, sourced from over 2,000 livestock farmers across Ireland, the partnership addresses multiple environmental challenges. Anaerobic digestion technology will convert manure into valuable biomethane, simultaneously reducing agricultural emissions and mitigating nitrate pollution. This process not only produces renewable energy but also recirculates organic fertilizers back to farmers, fostering a circular economy.

    Local Impact and Economic Growth

    The local development team, Atlas Renewables, brings a wealth of expertise in bioenergy and agricultural practices, ensuring the successful implementation of biogas plants tailored to Ireland’s unique needs. Energex Partners, with their extensive experience in the energy sector, will provide commercial advisory support, facilitating project development and attracting institutional investment.

    The Greengate Biogas projects are poised to generate significant local employment opportunities and drive economic growth in rural areas. By integrating local resources and collaborating with Irish farmers, the partnership aims to create a sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure.

    A Step Towards a Green Future

    Ireland’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and enhancing energy security is exemplified by the Greengate Biogas partnership. The initiative aligns with the country’s ambitious renewable energy targets and represents a critical step towards a sustainable future. As the world grapples with the pressing need for green energy solutions, the Greengate Biogas partnership sets a precedent for innovation and collaboration in the renewable energy sector.

    About the Partners

    Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), established in 2012, is the world’s largest dedicated fund manager in greenfield renewable energy investments. With a global presence and a portfolio spanning offshore and onshore wind, solar PV, biomass, energy-from-waste, and more, CIP has raised approximately EUR 28 billion for energy investments from over 160 institutional investors. For more information, visit www.cip.com.

    Atlas Renewables is a local development team specializing in biogas plant development in Ireland. Their expertise in bioenergy and agricultural feedstocks ensures the successful realization of sustainable energy projects.

    Energex Partners is a commercial advisory practice with extensive experience in the energy sector. They provide crucial support in project development, greenfield buildout, and advising institutional investors on energy sector investments.

    The Greengate Biogas partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in driving the green transition. As Ireland embarks on this exciting journey, the world watches with anticipation, inspired by the potential of biogas to reshape the energy landscape.

    Source: www.cip.com

    Tina Olivero

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