by Tina Olivero

    Bridging Tech and Trees: How Climate.bot is Changing the Climate Game

    August 15, 2023

    In a landmark move to help individuals and households combat climate change, Bluesphere Ventures Inc. announced the launch of Climate.bot, an innovative platform designed to track and offset users’ environmental footprint.

    Climate.bot is currently focused on managing and offsetting carbon footprints, but the company plans to extend its capabilities to include plastic and biodiversity measures in the near future. 

    “In an era where climate change is the most pressing issue facing humanity, we believe that every individual action matters,” said Eddie Solyemani, CEO of Bluesphere Ventures Inc. “Climate.bot empowers people to take personal responsibility for their carbon emissions and offers a concrete way to offset their environmental impact.”

    A unique feature of Climate.bot is its commitment to not only offset users’ carbon emissions but to take a tangible step towards repairing our planet. Every time a user offsets their carbon footprint through the platform, Bluesphere plants and maintains trees in damaged areas around the world, including regions that have been victims of illegal logging. This process rejuvenates these regions and helps restore biodiversity.

    For each tree planted, the user is assigned one year’s worth of carbon offsets, directly linking their actions to the environmental benefits produced. “Our mission goes beyond simply offsetting carbon emissions,” said Shidan Gouran, Chairman of Bluesphere. “We are committed to revitalizing the ecosystems that have suffered. Each tree we plant not only offsets carbon emissions but breathes new life into damaged habitats.”

    Bluesphere is a venture firm focused on investments and projects that target a sustainable and equitable world. The introduction of Climate.bot further cements its reputation as an innovative leader in the climate tech sector.

    About Bluesphere Ventures Inc.:

    Bluesphere Ventures Inc. is a New York-based venture studio that focuses on incubating and developing projects that target a sustainable and equitable world. They harness the power of technology to tackle the world’s most pressing environmental issues and believe in empowering individuals to take action against climate change.

    For more information about Climate.bot and Bluesphere Ventures, visit https://bluesphere.earth

    Tina Olivero

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