by Tina Olivero

Tidal Wave Energy Is Emerging Globally: Find Out Who’s Leading the Way

Tidal wave energy is a renewable energy source that harnesses the power of ocean tides to generate electricity. Here are the steps involved in generating electricity from tidal wave energy:

Tidal energy is generated using tidal turbines, which are similar in design to wind turbines. The turbines are moved by tidal currents, which are more powerful than wind energy because water is denser and can produce more force.

Types of Tidal Energy

There are three different kinds of tidal energy:

  • Tidal Stream: Tidal streams are areas in which the tides naturally produce a strong ocean current. By installing tidal turbines at strategic locations in the stream, they can be used to generate electricity without the need for large-scale infrastructure.
  • Tidal Barrages: Tidal barrages are large dams that are built across estuaries or bays. As the tide rises and falls, water flows through the dam and turns turbines that generate electricity.
  • Tidal Lagoons: Tidal lagoons are similar to tidal barrages, but they are built in shallow coastal waters rather than across estuaries or bays. They work by capturing water at high tide and releasing it at low tide, turning turbines that generate electricity.

Advantages of Tidal Wave Energy

Tidal wave energy has several advantages over other forms of renewable energy:

  • Predictable: Tides are more predictable than wind and solar energy, making them easier to plan for and manage.
  • Reliable: Tidal generators produce a steady, reliable stream of electricity.
  • Powerful: Tides are more powerful than wind and solar energy, making it possible to generate more electricity with smaller turbines.

Tidal Innovators

Leading tidal energy companies in the world showcase their innovations and solutions for tidal wave energy. Each one with a unique approach and solution to tidal energy which will support a more sustainable new energy future.

Nova Innovation

Nova Innovation is a Scottish tidal energy company that develops and commercializes innovative tidal energy technologies. Nova Innovation’s Tidal Energy Converter (TEC) is a patented system that uses submerged turbines to capture the energy of ocean tides. The turbines are connected to generators that convert the motion of the tides into electricity.


Nova Innovation’s 100 kW tidal turbines are designed for a wide range of site conditions, delivering industry-leading performance, reliability and exceptional energy capture. The technology is installed in seas (deep water and shallow water), estuaries and large rivers; enabling clean predictable electricity to be generated for clients around the world.

Orbital Marine Power

Orbital Marine Power is a Scottish engineering company that specializes in the development of tidal energy turbine technology. The company’s innovative floating turbine, the O2, is the world’s most powerful tidal turbine, capable of generating up to 2 MW of clean energy. The O2 uses underwater rotors to capture the dense flowing energy of tidal currents and convert it into electricity. The turbine is anchored in the Fall of Warness, where a subsea cable connects the offshore unit to the local onshore grid. Orbital Marine Power’s technology is a unique floating tidal turbine designed to provide a low-cost solution for simplified and cost-effective installation and maintenance.

Orbital Marine Power is based in Orkney and Edinburgh and has become a hub for companies and projects focused on tidal power and marine energy in general. The company has secured £8 million ($9.64 million) in funding to finance the ongoing operation of its O2 tidal turbine, which uses 10-meter blades and started grid-connected power generation in 2021. Orbital Marine Power is leading a consortium focused on the commercial deployment of floating tidal energy, which will work on the development of a system combining floating tidal energy, wind generation, grid export, battery storage, and green hydrogen production.



Minesto is a Swedish tidal energy company that develops and commercializes innovative tidal energy technologies. Minesto’s Deep Green technology is a patented system that uses underwater kites to capture the energy of ocean tides. The kites move back and forth with the motion of the tides, driving a generator that produces electricity.


Tidal wave energy is an exciting renewable energy source with great potential for generating clean electricity from ocean tides. These innovative tidal wave energy companies are developing solutions for harnessing this power, including submerged rotors, submerged turbines, underwater kites, and other devices. As these technologies continue to evolve and improve, they have the potential to play an increasingly important role in meeting our growing demand for clean, renewable energy.

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