by Tina Olivero

    Emergent Waste Solutions Inc. Sells 40,000 Litres of Biochar

    March 29, 2023

    Emergent Waste Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce its first major sale this year of Biochar from its Ruby Creek Advanced Thermolysis System Plant near Hope, BC on Yale First Nations Land.

    After evaluating a super sack of EWS Biochar, which is approximately 1,000 liters, Terra Flora Organics, has entered into a purchase agreement for 40,000 Litres of EWS’ Biochar. The Biochar will be delivered over time, with the last batch to be shipped in October 2023.

    Terra Flora will use Biochar as a key component of its award-winning compost blend. Terra Flora CEO Andrew Couzens visited the Ruby Creek plant and has engaged in-depth discussions with EWS CEO, Kevin Hull, about Terra Flora’s strategy to utilize Emergent Biochar going forward. Both companies are pleased that the Ruby Creek plant is within a half-hour trip from Terra Flora, resulting in a low carbon footprint.

    States Kevin Hull, CEO of Emergent Waste Solutions: “I am excited to have our first large order of the year go to Terra Flora, which is an innovative BC Company that is providing unique blends for the horticultural industry. Their products have been award-winning, and for EWS to be selected as their Biochar provider is a testament to the quality of the Company’s Biochar. I expect additional significant sales to be announced in the coming months.”

    The Company is also pleased to report has entered discussions with potential large buyers of its superior biochar. Independent laboratory results have shown that the Company’s biochar meets the exacting requirements of major organizations, and the Company is arranging site visits from these large, national customers.

    About Emergent Waste Solutions Inc.

    EWS is a BC company with exclusive Canadian rights to deploy the world-leading Advanced Thermolysis System (“ATS”) technology. ATS is an innovative, secure, efficient, and proven method for converting of waste materials such as MSW, plastics, biomass, and livestock waste into marketable products, such as activated carbon, carbon black, biochar, syngas, and bio-oil. The Company also has rights for this technology in many countries in South America and Asia. It currently has over $200 MM of potential projects in the pipeline.

    About Terra Flora Soilworks

    Terra Flora Soilworks is a compost and living soil producer in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Terra Flora produces premium soils using indigenous biology and clean waste streams for organic and regenerative organic growers. Key to their exceptional growing medium is the inclusion of high-quality biochar.

    Tina Olivero

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