by Tina Olivero


Coventry, UK, is set to become home to the world’s first new energy airport for electric drones and flying cars. The innovative project, known as Urban Air Port, is a collaboration between Urban Air Port Limited and several leading technology firms, including Hyundai Motor Group and Coventry City Council. The new airport aims to revolutionize transportation by providing a network of green, sustainable, and smart airport infrastructure that can be used by a wide range of air vehicles.

The Urban AirPort is a compact modular structure that can be installed almost anywhere, making it an ideal solution for cities where space is at a premium. The airport features a fully autonomous charging and landing system that can recharge an electric vehicle in just a few minutes. The airport’s design also incorporates a sophisticated air traffic management system that allows multiple aircraft to use the facility at the same time safely.

One of the primary advantages of Urban AirPort is its flexibility. The airport can be easily moved and installed in different locations as needed, providing a quick and affordable solution for cities looking to develop their air transportation infrastructure. The airport’s modular design also means that it can be scaled up or down depending on demand, making it suitable for a range of applications from delivery drones to electric flying taxis.

The new airport will have a range of benefits, including reducing congestion on roads and providing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation option. The airport will also help to support the growth of the electric vehicle industry by providing a network of charging stations that can be used by a range of vehicles, from electric cars to drones.

The Urban AirPort will be powered by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, making it a truly green infrastructure project. The airport will also incorporate the latest smart technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), to optimize its operations and improve efficiency.

Coventry was chosen as the location for the world’s first new energy airport due to its central location and its strong history of innovation in the transportation industry. The city is home to several leading automotive companies, including Jaguar Land Rover and Aston Martin, as well as world-class universities and research centers.

The new energy airport is just one of several innovative transportation projects that are being developed in Coventry. The city is also home to the UK’s first 5G-enabled road, which is being used to test autonomous vehicles and connected car technology. These initiatives are part of Coventry’s wider plans to become a smart city and a leader in sustainable transportation.

The Urban Air Port project has already attracted significant interest from investors and potential partners. Hyundai Motor Group has invested in the project and is also working on developing its own electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxi. Other companies, including Honeywell and Microsoft, have also expressed an interest in the project and are exploring potential partnerships with Urban Air Port Limited.

The Urban Air Port in Coventry, UK, is set to revolutionize transportation by providing a green, sustainable, and smart airport infrastructure that can be used by a wide range of air vehicles. The airport’s modular design and flexibility make it an ideal solution for cities looking to develop their air transportation infrastructure quickly and affordably. The project is a testament to Coventry’s innovation and commitment to sustainable transportation and is likely to attract significant interest from investors and potential partners.

Urban-Air Port plans on building skyports around the world. Above: the first Air One airport is being constructed in Coventry city center
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