by Tina Olivero

    Brisbane to Host the Premier Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition in 2024

    The stage is set, the excitement is palpable, and the future of energy is about to converge in Brisbane, Queensland. The Sustainable Energy Council has officially announced the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition 2024, scheduled for September 12-13, 2024. This monumental event, in collaboration with the Australian Hydrogen Council and backed by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) and the Queensland Government, promises to be a groundbreaking gathering for the hydrogen industry.

    A Gathering of Titans in Hydrogen Innovation

    Following the resounding success of its inaugural event in 2023, the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition is set to attract more than 3,000 industry leaders and 150 exhibitors. These key players from across the hydrogen value chain will descend upon Brisbane to showcase cutting-edge technology, discuss emerging policies, and analyze upcoming projects within the hydrogen sector. This summit is more than an event—it’s a movement uniting government officials, industry leaders, and policymakers to accelerate hydrogen development on a global scale.

    The Hydrogen Industry’s Crucial Platform

    Australian Hydrogen Council CEO, Dr. Fiona Simon, highlighted the significance of this summit:

    “We are proud to be partnering with the Sustainable Energy Council again to deliver the largest hydrogen event in the Asia-Pacific region, and excited to bring it to Queensland where significant hydrogen projects are underway, including the progression of hydrogen hub projects in Gladstone and Townsville.”

    Dr. Simon further emphasized the critical timing of the summit:

    “2024 is shaping up to be an important year for the hydrogen industry in Australia, with key policy developments expected from the Australian Government and more hydrogen projects reaching financial investment decisions.”

    This event serves as a pivotal platform for discussing these developments and broader hydrogen priorities across the Asia-Pacific region. It’s an invaluable opportunity for networking, sharing insights, forging deals, and building partnerships—elements essential for the burgeoning hydrogen industry.

    Queensland: The Heart of Hydrogen Innovation

    Queensland Minister for Energy and Clean Economy Jobs, Hon Mick de Brenni MP, expressed immense pride in hosting this summit:

    “We are proud to host the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit here in sunny Queensland, bringing together experts and decision-makers across the global hydrogen supply chain to collaboratively achieve our collective decarbonization ambitions.”

    Minister de Brenni underscored Queensland’s critical role in emission reduction:

    “As Australia’s most carbon-intensive economy, Queensland has a vital role to play in reducing emissions, and all levels of government will need to play their part.”

    Queensland is rapidly becoming Australia’s hydrogen hub, with substantial opportunities for this technology to drive decarbonization across various sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, resources, and heavy haulage.

    Driving Global Collaboration and Innovation

    The summit not only emphasizes Queensland’s local efforts but also the broader international implications. As Minister de Brenni noted, global trading partners, especially in Asia, Europe, and North America, demand responsible emission targets. This is pivotal for creating jobs in emerging industries such as hydrogen, critical minerals, and sustainable aircraft fuel.

    “With an abundance of resources, infrastructure, and a strong plan to activate skilled workforces, we are on track to be a renewable hydrogen powerhouse,” Minister de Brenni asserted.

    Austrade’s Commitment to Hydrogen Development

    Austrade’s Head of Investment and Net Zero Lead, Peter Horn, reiterated the agency’s support for the summit:

    “Austrade is pleased to support the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition once again in 2024, after the success of the inaugural event last year. It is shaping up to be a big year for the development of the hydrogen industry and we are excited to showcase what is happening here in Australia.”

    Horn emphasized hydrogen’s role in decarbonization, energy security, and green economic prosperity:

    “The conference will showcase leading hydrogen projects, and innovative companies, and highlight the government measures that are shaping the industry in the Asia-Pacific region.”

    Leading the Charge Towards a Sustainable Future

    Sustainable Energy Council (SEC) Managing Director, Chris Hugall, expressed his pride in the ongoing partnership with the Australian Hydrogen Council:

    “SEC is very proud of our partnership with the Australian Hydrogen Council, delivering the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition in Brisbane with the official support from Austrade and the host state Queensland Government.”

    Hugall’s invitation to the global hydrogen community is clear:

    “With the industry rapidly accelerating, we invite the global hydrogen community to join us in September so we can pave the way together towards a sustainable future and explore the limitless potential of hydrogen in the Asia-Pacific region.”

    The Future of Energy is Here

    As the world moves towards cleaner, more sustainable energy sources, the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition 2024 in Brisbane stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. This event is not just about showcasing technology; it’s about shaping the future of energy, creating sustainable jobs, and building a greener world. Mark your calendars for September 12-13, 2024, and join the revolution in hydrogen energy.

    For more on attending, speaking, exhibiting, or sponsoring the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition 2024, click here.

    Tina Olivero

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