by Tina Olivero

    Managing Your Fuel Consumption Thanks to Digital Twins: Analysis of Fleetenergies’ Experts

    The velocity, variety, and volume of the data are essential in terms of fuel management and environmental impact in the transportation sector. In an article published by AIP Publishing*, four experts from fleetenergies examine how the concept of Digital Twins (a digital replica of an object, a procedure, or a system) gives higher performance and makes it possible to optimize data communication, its commercial use in real-time, operator reactivity, and quality control.

    “Cloud services, data services, and digital twins combined constitute a cost-driven and sustainable approach for fuel and eco-driving management in transportation,” said the authors of the article, Éric Elkaim, Kyriakos Agavanakis, Jérémy Cassia et Mickaël Drombry. Their starting point was the observation that a holistic cyber physical approach is needed in order to create knowledge and added value from all the data streams and their associated events, which causes difficulties in implementation in terms of complexity, performance, and costs. Furthermore, vertical solutions involving the acquisition of existing data often create silos with data that are organized separately, non-harmonized, and difficult to compare and correlate. This is a situation in total contradiction with the growing demand for a measurement procedure independent of manufacturers.

    In a support of their theory of the use of Digital Twins, they use a case study that is presented in detail in the article. Based on the implementation of a virtual player, this study offers practical and effective solutions for the architecture implemented in terms of development effort, cost, and optimization of resources.

    About fleetenergies

    Founded in 2009 by Éric Elkaim, fleetenergies is a company that specializes in reducing energy costs and the environmental footprint. Drawing on 12 years of R&D and millions of pieces of data processed daily, it has developed a patented technology that makes it possible to take precise, real-time measurements of vehicles’ fuel consumption, CO2 and NOx. As a cleantech expert for the European Commission, fleetenergies provide those involved in transportation, construction, and refuse collection with savings – both environmentally and financially – by reducing energy consumption by 12% to 30%. With over 30,000 fuel tanks and engines monitored every day, the company, which is present in many countries, has high objectives in terms of development and recruitment in the coming year.

    Further information on fleetenergies.io

    Tina Olivero

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