by Tina Olivero

    Revolutionary Solar-Powered Tree by SolarBotanic Trees

    SolarBotanic Trees announces the arrival of its game-changing ‘solar tree’ designed to offer aesthetically pleasing and sustainable energy, ideally suited to large-scale commercial environments such as flagship office sites and sports stadia.

    The SolarBotanic™ Tree is unique to the market and the result of five years of planning research and design, and features exciting new Photovoltaic (“PV”) 3D leaf-shaped nano-technology to harness solar energy for charging and energy storage. It has been developed in collaboration with Co-Innovate – a business support program that supports SMEs in London by using academic and innovation resources at Brunel University London, the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry, and the AMRC’s Design and Prototyping Group which will be conducting the prototype testing.

    This first-generation SolarBotanic Tree will eventually spawn a family of products, primarily aimed at the rapid Electric Vehicle charging market for homes, businesses, and commercial car parks, where solar power can be captured and stored for charging points. It will also encompass a sophisticated AI-driven energy storage and power management system (PMS), where trees can be linked and form part of a local grid, or feed into the main grid, essential to optimize an increasingly electrified future.

    The first SolarBotanic Trees will become available in early 2023.

    SolarBotanic™ Trees Management Team

    Harry Corrigan – Founder and Executive Chairman

    SolarBotanic Trees are the brainchild of seasoned business executive, Harry Corrigan who wanted to find solutions to the carbon problems the world is facing.

    Harry has taken the initial concept through various iterations, designed the concept by collaborating with an Innovation and business support scheme at Brunel University London called ‘Co-Innovate’, and has funded various educational institutions in order to give bright engineering graduates the opportunity to develop something truly ground-breaking technologically, as well as aesthetically pleasing, which will contribute significantly to decarbonization.  A serial entrepreneur, Harry has over 40 years of experience in business in the U.S. Europe, Africa, and Australasia.

    Chris Shelley – Chief Executive Officer

    Chris is a highly experienced Chairman, Non-Executive Director, and CEO focused on heavy and light manufactured goods, project and process engineering services, and capital-intensive industries including Automotive, Utility Power Generation, Heavy Building Materials, and Food Process Engineering.  He has led multiple companies from start-ups through to large-scale industrial businesses in the listed and private equity sectors.  An expert on China and Far East Asia markets and supply chains, having held senior roles in Singapore, Japan as well as Africa, France, and Switzerland.

    Stuart Margerrison – Strategic Partnership Director

    With over 40 years of experience within the energy sector, Stuart has deep domain expertise in market operations, energy transition programs, and client service requirements.  He has a proven track record of delivering high-quality and measurable outcomes in dynamic markets.  Stuart has held several senior roles with full P&L responsibility and investment accountability with a particular focus on robust business planning, growth, transformation, and service delivery.

    Dr. Gerard Jansen – Chief Product Officer

    Dr. Jansen is an engineer with his Ph.D. in Sustainability and Energy Systems, an MSc in Sustainable Energy Technologies and Management, and B.Eng in Automotive Engineering.  Interspersed with his academic studies and research, Gerard has worked in several software and hardware start-up environments, as well as medium and large engineering and commercial enterprises. 

    Gerard has led the design and development of the SolarBotanic Tree from an early stage alongside other innovative related energy storage technologies.  Gerard has published and co-published a number of academic papers in the fields of energy storage and renewables.

    SolarBotanic Trees: www.solarbotanictrees.com

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