by Philipp Seidel

    New Innovative Continuous Methane Emissions Monitoring Solution

    The reduction of methane emissions is being addressed by new regulations and ESG standards, investors, and the public with a distinct call to action. Many industries, such as the energy sector, must act – and act quickly. However, existing methane detection technologies face several limitations: they only measure periodically and are therefore inaccurate, cumbersome, and expensive.

    Nubo Sphere – continuous methane emissions monitoring

    That’s why Sensirion Connected Solutions has developed a methane emissions monitoring solution, “Nubo Sphere,” which allows companies in the energy sector to continuously monitor their assets remotely and fulfill new regulations and ESG requirements. Nubo Sphere is an end-to-end solution that provides high-performance emissions detection, location, and quantification at a low total cost of ownership. The compact and robust design ensures reliable operation and high-fidelity data from any oil or natural gas infrastructure at all times.

    “Sensirion’s unique expertise in environmental sensing, built up over the last 20-plus years, has propelled us to become the go-to supplier for air quality, gas monitoring, and flow sensing. Nubo Sphere is here to set new standards in continuous monitoring technology. With its robust, future-proof, and easy-to-use design, Nubo Sphere drives actionable data that will streamline operation efforts and address emissions seamlessly, helping to empower customers’ ESG initiatives,” says Susanne Pianezzi, Sales Director at Sensirion Connected Solutions.

    High supply capabilities

    As part of Sensirion, a leading global manufacturer of microsensors and systems, Sensirion Connected Solutions can rely on established production processes and high supply capabilities to offer a scalable solution and excellent lead times for customers.

    Interested in starting a pilot program? Schedule a demo call with Sensirion Connected Solutions or learn more about Nubo Sphere at www.sensirion-connected.com.

    You can also talk to Sensirion Connected Solutions in person by visiting the upcoming Gastech Exhibition & Conference in Milan, Italy, or the IoT in Oil & Gas Conference 2022 in Houston, Texas, USA.

    About Sensirion Connected Solutions

    Sensirion Connected Solutions specializes in providing sensor-based, end-to-end solutions and services to improve efficiency and reliability for a more sustainable future. By combining unique innovative sensor technology, data analysis, and a well-thought-out user experience, Sensirion Connected Solutions offers easy-to-use and scalable solutions for emission monitoring and predictive maintenance. The company is located in Stäfa, Switzerland, Berlin, Germany, and in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Sensirion Connected Solutions is part of Sensirion Holding, a global leader in the manufacture of digital microsensors for high-performance environmental and flow sensing.

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