by Jonathan Ashton

    Krohne Delivers Business & Industrial Insights

    KROHNE Group, a leading global manufacturer and full-scope supplier of process instrumentation, measurement solutions, and services, proudly delivered its first knowledge-sharing seminar workshop at the Middle East College today. Anticipated to be the first of several sessions, the engineering experts dedicated an afternoon in Muscat to give real-world industrial and business-related insights to students to enhance their existing studies and broaden potential career horizons.

    Middle East College, known colloquially as MEC, is one of the leading higher education institutions in the Sultanate of Oman accredited by the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA). The private college is home to over 4500 students from the region and across the world. Located in the Knowledge Oasis Muscat, the college offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different areas of Engineering, Business, Technology, and Logistics Management in academic partnership with Coventry University, UK, and Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands.

    “KROHNE has spent the last 100 years delivering creative solutions to our industry partners and customers. Expanding our knowledge-sharing capabilities to try and inspire the engineers and computer scientists of the future is something we take great joy in so were extremely pleased to be given this opportunity by the MEC team. We hope that this initial session achieved this goal and look forward to seeing where this working relationship develops, between our respective people, across education, research, and development,” said Frank Janssens, Vice President, KROHNE Middle East, and Africa.

    Around one hundred attendees actively participated in the “hyflex” session, which focused on the regional business landscape and cross-industry Coriolis applications in a real-world business context. Facilitated by Dr. Prakash Kumar of the Department of Management Studies at MEC, the presentation was delivered by Jonathan Ashton, Head of Marketing and Communications, and Dr. Regilal Gopalan, Area Manager for Dubai and Oman, both from KROHNE Middle East and Africa.

    Jonathan Ashton

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