by Tina Olivero

    Gebrüder Weiss Peak Evolution Team Shatters E-Vehicle Altitude Records with Solar-Powered Triumph at Ojos del Salado

    In a groundbreaking feat of human ingenuity and a testament to the limitless potential of alternative energy, the Gebrüder Weiss Peak Evolution Team has just etched its name into the annals of history by setting a staggering new world record for e-vehicle altitude. Perched more than 21,000 feet (6,500 meters) above sea level on the formidable Ojos del Salado, the highest active volcano on Earth, the team accomplished this extraordinary feat with a solar-powered truck.

    Patrik Koller, the CEO and developer at Peak Evolution, exudes enthusiasm as he reflects on this historic achievement, “This is not just a record for cutting-edge technology; it’s a triumph for years of relentless research and a glimpse into the future of mobility. We’re optimistic that our success will cast a spotlight on alternative drives, particularly their application in challenging sectors like mining and other demanding transport tasks.”

    This audacious endeavor was made possible with the unwavering support of logistics partner and main sponsor, Gebrüder Weiss. Frank Haas, Head of Corporate Brand Strategy & Communications, declares, “As the oldest transport and logistics company, we are committed to shaping the future of mobility. This success is a testament to our ongoing dedication to sustainable mobility projects and innovative technologies. We are overjoyed for the team and are now geared up to bring the record-breaking vehicle safely back to Switzerland.”

    The journey to this record began two months ago when Gebrüder Weiss transported the e-truck from Switzerland, charting a course via Rotterdam and then by sea freight to Chile. The solar-powered truck then braved the extreme terrain of the Atacama region, starting from the Maricunga Salt Flat, where the team conducted exploratory tours and acclimatization at an elevation of 11,155 feet (3,400 meters). The physical and mental strains imposed by the world’s highest volcano tested not only the high-tech vehicle but also the resilience of the Peak Evolution team.

    Patrik Koller reflects on the challenges faced, “Despite the extreme conditions, our specially developed vehicle managed to ascend higher than any other e-vehicle, let alone a solar-powered one. We’ve been training for this moment for four years, so giving up was never an option.”

    The team reached their first milestone at the end of November, surpassing the 19,685-foot (6,000 meters) barrier, breaking the record for e-vehicles. A week later, they soared to an awe-inspiring 21,325 feet (6,500 meters) above sea level, setting the record height of their mission and reaching the western ridge of Ojos del Salado, powered solely by solar energy.

    With the world record secured, the Peak Evolution team is embarking on the return journey to Switzerland, and Gebrüder Weiss is ensuring the record-breaking vehicle’s safe passage back to Europe.

    But this isn’t the end of Gebrüder Weiss’s commitment to cutting-edge projects. In January, the company will host a dress rehearsal for the Austrian Space Forum’s Mars mission at its site in Maria Lanzendorf near Vienna. Furthermore, an autonomous truck test is on the horizon for next year, and an international research team will be dispatched to Greenland to gain crucial insights into climate change.

    This remarkable achievement by the Gebrüder Weiss Peak Evolution Team not only redefines the boundaries of e-vehicle capabilities but also serves as a clarion call for industries to embrace alternative drive technologies. It is a testament to what can be accomplished when determination, innovation, and sustainability converge at the highest altitudes.


    Gebrüder Weiss
    Peak Evolution

    Tina Olivero

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