by Tina Olivero

    Sunlight Group Showcases Innovative Lithium ESS Technology

    Sunlight Group Energy Storage Systems, the global technology company, and producer of integrated and innovative energy storage solutions introduces to the European battery storage market the latest additions to its range of ESS technology, including the lithium-ion energy storage system, Sunlight Li.ON ESS.

    The Sunlight Li.ON ESS range, comprising both low- and high-voltage products will be showcased at ees Europe, Europe’s largest exhibition for reserve batteries and energy storage systems to be held in Munich, Germany, between the 11th and 13th of May. 

    Sunlight Li.ON ESS is one of the most advanced and unique solutions for energy storage on the market. The product’s modularity and expandability serve a wide range of applications –including smart homes, solar and wind power installations, and e-mobility charging facilities. 

    The Li.ON ESS solution ensures protection, safety, and reliability of supply against potential disturbances in the power grid. Its advanced lithium-ion technology permits high efficiency during the charging and discharging processes, as well as higher energy density. 

    The entire product range has an innovative design that offers remote monitoring and maintenance even in the most remote installations via Sunlight’s smart GLocal cloud-based platform. Sunlight GLocal uses artificial intelligence (AI) to record, in real-time, key parameters regarding the battery’s performance, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Additionally, the extended lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements for Sunlight Li.ON ESS ensures reliable performance, even under difficult conditions.

    At ees Europe, an experienced team from Sunlight Group – led by CEO, Lampros Bisalas– will be presenting the company’s pioneering storage technology and portfolio of lithium-ion and lead-acid ESS solutions, designed to accelerate the transition towards an all-electric future. The company will also discuss its plans to further strengthen the European energy storage market through a €105m investment into the development of a lithium cell prototype pilot line, currently being constructed at Sunlight Group’s industrial complex in Xanthi, northeastern Greece.

    Commenting on the company’s participation at the Exhibition, Dimitri Ottaviano, Sunlight Group’s Director of Lithium Engineering and Product Development, said: 

    “We are excited to attend ees Europe and showcase our innovative ESS portfolio for the European energy storage sector. We are proud of our growing international team of R&D experts, comprising people with strong expertise and deep knowledge of the EES market, as we continue designing new additions to our product range that better serve our customers and strengthen Sunlight Group’s global presence. With over three decades of experience in the German and wider European battery market, we believe that we are the reliable partner of choice to contribute to the growth of the energy storage sector, supporting our continent’s transition to a more sustainable future.” 

    To find out more about Sunlight Group Energy Storage Systems, please visit: www.systems-sunlight.com

    About Sunlight Group Energy Storage Systems

    Sunlight Group is a Greece-based technology company with a global reach, a member of the Olympia investment Group. It has 30+ years of experience in energy storage, specializes in integrated and innovative solutions, invests in capacity expansion and R&D, and offers a solid portfolio of lithium-ion and lead-acid products for various applications. This includes the new range of lithium-powered motive (Sunlight Li.ON FORCE), semi-traction (Sunlight ElectroLiFe), and reserve (Sunlight Li.ON ESS) batteries, as well Sunlight’s cloud-based platform, GLocal, and Smart Battery Monitoring System, KnoWi. Sunlight’s industrial batteries and energy storage systems are exported to 100+ countries. The company runs state-of-the-art production plants and facilities in Greece, Italy, and the USA.

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