by Tina Olivero

    Wärtsilä Guaranteed Asset Performance Agreement

    The technology group Wärtsilä has signed a 10-year Guaranteed Asset Performance agreement with Malicounda Power SAS of Senegal. The contract covers the 130 MW Malicounda Melec power plant located in Mbour, south of Senegal’s capital Dakar, scheduled to be commissioned in June 2022. The long-term service agreement targets the further strengthening of Malicounda Power’s position as a power producer for Senegal’s grid. The signing took place in February 2022, and Wärtsilä will start to recognize order intake once the plant has been commissioned and is in operation.

    The Wärtsilä Flexicycle power plant will operate with seven Wärtsilä 50 engines. It combines the advantages of a flexible simple cycle operation with the outstanding efficiency of a combined cycle plant. The agreement will provide operational reliability with scheduled maintenance and spare parts, as well as heat rate and power output guarantees after major overhauls.

    “We have contractual obligations that must be met, which is why the plant’s operational reliability is extremely important. Wärtsilä’s maintenance support and capabilities as the Original Equipment Manufacturer will be essential to ensure that we meet our commitments. Wärtsilä’s proven competency and excellent results achieved globally are convincing. They provide efficient engines and are experts in their operation & maintenance,” said Samer Nasr, President, Malicounda Power SAS.

    “This power plant will add much-needed generating capacity to the Senegal grid. It is an example of us creating value for our customers with industry-leading availability and uptime, which is critical for the grid. This agreement will deliver high efficiency and productivity, together with cost predictability for the owners. Our strong presence in the country, along with our remote support capabilities, allow us to provide the essential performance guarantees required,” added Marc Thiriet, Director, Africa West, Wärtsilä Energy.

    Remote support from Wärtsilä’s Expertise Centres is central to meeting the objectives of the agreement with Malicounda Power SAS. The support is based on Expert Insight, a unique and innovative digital predictive maintenance tool utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced diagnostics to monitor equipment and systems in real-time. Should anomalous behavior be detected, it is flagged to specialists at a Wärtsilä Expertise Centre, allowing them to provide proactive support with an appropriate resolution before it becomes a major issue.

    The commissioning of the power plant is scheduled for June 2022. The plant will initially operate with heavy fuel oil (HFO) but there is an option to convert to gas-fuelled operation as soon as a gas supply becomes available. Currently, there is an inter-governmental cooperation agreement between Senegal and Mauritania to develop significant gas resources, which will be shared by the two African countries. The power plant is expected to help Senegal bring down energy costs and integrate more renewable energy.

    Wärtsilä is Senegal’s leading provider of power generating equipment, and already has 543 MW of installed capacity in altogether 20 power plants in the country. With the Malicounda Melec power plant included, 458 MW of this capacity is under Wärtsilä long-term service agreements.

    Wärtsilä Energy in brief

    Wärtsilä Energy leads the transition towards a 100% renewable energy future. We help our customers in decarbonization by developing market-leading technologies. These cover future-fuel-enabled balancing power plants, hybrid solutions, energy storage, and optimization technology, including the GEMS energy management platform. Wärtsilä Energy’s lifecycle services are designed to increase efficiency, promote reliability and guarantee operational performance. Our track record comprises 76 GW of power plant capacity and 110 energy storage systems delivered to 180 countries around the world.

    Wärtsilä in brief

    Wärtsilä is a global leader in innovative technologies and lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. We emphasize innovation in sustainable technology and services to help our customers continuously improve their environmental and economic performance. Our dedicated and passionate team of 17,000 professionals in more than 200 locations in 68 countries shapes the decarbonization transformation of our industries across the globe. In 2021, Wärtsilä’s net sales totaled EUR 4.8 billion. Wärtsilä is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

    Tina Olivero

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