by Tina Olivero

    4 Minutes: That’s all the time you have to rescue a worker in a confined space!


    ConneXt in operation in the field


    EnviroMed’s CEO, Lee Parmiter, of St. John’s, Newfoundland, is excited about technology and where it’s taking the world of safety for industrial type companies. He says, “Things are advancing so fast that we now have entirely new standards for keeping our people safe with exponential advances in tracking and monitoring, gas detection and confined space applications.”

    Lee says, “When it comes to detecting hazardous gas, you simply cannot afford to settle for anything less than a device that mitigates risk at the highest levels. The ConneXt Pack provides real-time information in a way that is immediate and precise and it has become the new standard in safety, productivity and compliance. The ConneXt is a way to be proactive, mitigate risk and eliminate down times. In this era of business, it’s a must. You can also stay a step ahead in man-down situations. When you know that an atmospheric alarm condition is fast approaching, you’ll be able to alert your workers earlier, evacuate a confined space sooner and save more lives. That’s imperative to all companies who value the safety of their workers.”

    Enviromed ConneXT

    ConneXt Confined Sapce Gas Detection System


    Enviromed had quickly adapted to the latest state of the art technology supporting safety and offers their clients around the globe the latest and greatest solutions that are keeping people safe.

    Lee says, “ We supply the ConneXt Pack which is the industry’s first wireless, portable, confined space gas detection system that significantly enhances worker safety in industrial environments. With ConneXt Pack, pre-configured wireless gas monitors report hazardous gas information and man down alarms to a remote host controller. The ConneXt solution delivers lifesaving value to plant, industrial and first response operations. Data retrieved from wireless gas monitors can alert attendants and incident commanders instantly of toxic gas situations, allowing them to respond more quickly in emergency situations.”



    With applications in utility tunnels, fluid storage tanks, boilers, septic tanks, electrical vaults, and any area where there may be a fire and gas hazard, the ConneXt Pac supports onsite wireless solutions like never before in markets such as oil and gas, pulp and paper, shipbuilding, trenching, water waste, chemical, industrial and construction, telecom, power, water plants and sewer. A leading edge provider of solutions the ConneXt covers a smorgasbord of markets with a multitude of gas detection features and solutions. It’s innovative and it is fast adapting!



    ConneXt Pack-Confined Space is a turn-key, application-focused combination of wireless four-gas QRAE 3 monitors and an EchoView Host portable controller. An attendant, using the EchoView host, has full visibility into the readings of the gas monitor worn by the confined space entrant. By receiving detector readings and man down alarms, the attendant can know what is happening in the confined space in real time and respond in real time to life safety events.



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