by Tina Olivero

Levitas Bio Announces Levi Cell EOS System

LevitasBio, Inc. introduced the LeviCell  EOS system. By leveraging field-proven levitation techniques, researchers have been able to efficiently scale their experiments 16-fold and process up to 40 million cells in a single run. The LeviCell EOS system will be presented at the 2022 American Cancer Society General Assembly in New Orleans, Louisiana, April 8-13, along with new product lines for tissue dispersal and target cell selection, LeviPrep, and LeviSelect.

Unprecedented sample throughput and scalability

LevitasBio first revolutionized sample preparation with the launch of the LeviCell system in 2020. This system provides researchers with an unbiased, gentle, and fast method for separating and concentrating target cells by magnetic levitation. Less than two years later, Levitas Bio addressed the challenge of making both sample and cell volumes floatable and accessible, a common request from researchers. The new LeviCell EOS system increases sample throughput by a factor of 4 and interconnects up to 4 LeviCell EOS modules for independent control, increasing overall scalability by a factor of 16. Researchers have been able to accelerate their discoveries with unprecedented sample processing capabilities and insights.

A new era of sample processing

The LeviCell EOS system has introduced several new features to enhance unbiased sample processing to optimize natural biology research. First, it is equipped with a temperature control system that enables sample processing at the ideal temperature to maintain the state of cells by selecting from a preset temperature range.

In addition, an advanced fully reticulated imaging system enables powerful, real-time sample characterization analysis during processing. With real-time insights into important details such as fractionation, cell count, life-and-death assessment, and quality measurements, researchers make informed decisions about how to make the best use of concentrated samples in downstream research. Gain power for.

Finally, the LeviCell EOS system offers unprecedented flexibility with a modular, replaceable EOS magnetic core. The family of selectable core modules is expanding, delivering a wide variety of professionally optimized applications on a single platform.

Martin Pieprzyk, CEO of Levitas Bio, said: “We are changing the landscape of how researchers conduct experiments. The new LeviCell EOS system paves the way for fully integrated methods for sample processing and accurate characterization while increasing throughput. This will make a big difference in how researchers handle samples. “

About Levitas Bio

LevitasBio has pioneered powerful new techniques for cell enrichment and analysis. Our LeviCell platform leverages proprietary levitation technology to detect, quantify, concentrate and test cells in an accurate and gentle manner. Our method is unbiased and unlabeled, can detect cell types and states in a minimum of time and manipulation, and is widely used in the most important applications such as single-cell multi-omics, CRISPR, and cell line development. I am.

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Source and Image: levitasbio.com

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