by Tina Olivero

    marcus evans: Contract and Risk Management for Capital Projects and Construction

    February 22-24, 2022 marks the date of the esteemed conference covering important considerations in Contract and Risk Management for Capital Projects and Construction.

    This timely marcus evans conference will deliver case studies and panel discussions on how owners and contractors have overcome material shortages, labor scarcity, and price fluctuations with contract negotiation, wording, and interpretation to mitigate and balance risk.

    There will be sessions covering strategies related to scheduling associated with an expected increase in projects resuming and new projects launching post pandemic, assessing the shift towards an increase in Renewables, and how to optimally forecast what is to come in the future of the market.

    Contract & Risk Management – Speakers

    Members of the speaking rossiter include important companies such as Mitsubishi Power Americas, SunPower Corporation, McDermott, Total American Services, Select Energy Services, Hoar Construction Company, Universal Pegasus International, Sterling Construction Company and more.

    Important topics covered will include the coordination of Legal Counsel in contract writing for better business outcomes. Panel discussions will include the understanind and the advantages or thouroughly reviewing the relationship between provisions and contract risk.

    The OGM – Official Media Partner

    Readers of The OGM will get a conference discount if you’d like to attend online – Inquire at riak@marcusevanscy.com

    Review the conference AGENDA here

    The marcus evans programs are unique, generated off the back of extensive research with more than 100 of the industry’s leading professionals, ensuring we cut through the noise to deliver the content most critical to you and your business.

    The conference focus is to deliver a premium content platform which provides practical insights into how your peers in the industry are addressing the very same challenges you are facing today. Our goal is to ensure you walk away with actionable strategies you can implement within your business that can add tangible value to you, your products and your customers.

    Keeping people safe
    marcus evans has a full safe strategy to ensure participants of the conference are adhering to the safest standards
    See the comprehensive details for safety here.

    Learn more about the conference here.

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