by Tina Olivero

    Alberta’s Oil and Gas Sector contributes $53 Billion to Ottawa

    The Canadian Energy Centre releases it’s current fact sheet which uses data between 2007 and 2019. It examines the direct impact of the oil and gas extraction sector on Alberta’s gross and net fiscal contribution to federal government finances.  This Fact Sheet (available here). 

    Highlights from the Fact Sheet include:

    • In the years examined, Alberta’s taxpayers (individual and corporate) made a $561 billion gross contribution and a $272 billion net contribution to federal government finances;
    • The share of that coming from Alberta’s oil and gas extraction sector was, at a minimum, nearly $53 billion, or about 9% of Alberta’s gross contributions and 19% of its total net fiscal contribution over the period;
    • The average annual contribution from the oil and gas sector has been over $4.1 billion per year over the period;
    • The $53 billion figure is understated as it does not include indirect federal taxes on production and taxes on products (i.e., GST, excise taxes, duties, import taxes, air transportation tax, gasoline and motive fuel taxes, etc.) paid by the oil and gas extraction sector in Alberta over the period.


    A PDF of the Fact Sheet “$53 billion to Ottawa: The Alberta oil and gas sector’s contribution to federal government finances, 2007 to 2019,” is also available on the Canadian Energy Centre’s website at: https://www.canadianenergycentre.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/CEC-Fact-Sheet-43-53-billion-to-Ottawa-FINAL.pdf

    The CEC’s previous Fact Sheet “EU Natural Gas Imports: €286 Billion Imported From Tyrannies and Autocracies Since 2005,” can be found here. A column on that Fact Sheet can be found here. All of the centre’s research is available at canadianenergycentre.ca/research.

    The CEC’s Executive Director of Research Mark Milke is available for interviews or to answer questions about the analysis. 

    Source(s) and Image(s): Canadian Energy Centre, Adobe stock

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