by Tina Olivero

    Welltec becomes a key partner in Project Greensand

    On August 9th, the UN Climate Panel published its report that paints a bleak forecast for our climate and signals a ‘code red for humanity’. A summer of floods and fires across Europe, only proving that the climate crisis continues to move closer to our reality. There is an immediate need for measures to effectively reduce CO2 emissions and CO2 capture and storage (CCS) has a critical role to play.

    Project Greensand is one such groundbreaking initiative. It consists of a consortium of 29 companies led by INEOS Energy and Wintershall Dea with the goal to develop a full CCS value chain in Denmark. The ambition is safe CO2 storage in Danish North Sea fields by 2025 and will address 25-40 percent of remnant emissions that must be managed in order to reach Denmark’s ambitious 70 percent reduction target by 2030.

    ”We are very proud to become a central partner for Project Greensand. Through 25 years of providing well intervention and completion solutions to the energy sector, including high concentration CO2 projects, Welltec has built an extensive knowhow within material selection, testing and solutions,” says Mette Fürstnow, Solutions Director, Green Initiatives, Welltec who will lead the well completions design team.

    The testing of the well materials will take place at Welltec’s testing center in Esbjerg, which will boast a newly constructed full-scale CO2 test loop, one of Europe’s largest.

    Welltec’s CEO Peter Hansen sees great potential in the development of wells that can handle the complicated process of storing captured CO2.

    ”The world has significant demand for technologies contributing to solving the climate challenges we are currently facing – particularly within the energy sector which plays a vital role in delivering on CO2 emission reduction targets. It is important for Welltec to take an active role to deliver solutions to CCS projects globally. We have uniquely positioned technologies with a strong track record within oil and gas, providing advanced solutions designed to operate under challenging subsurface conditions. We are already engaged in various CO2 projects and high temperature geothermal applications, we absolutely have a key role to play in CCS too”, says Peter Hansen.

    Source & Images: Welltec

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