by Tina Olivero

How Do You Ensure Operations Are Corrosion Proof? Harber Coatings Applies Material Science To Steel

Corrosion and erosion are terrifying outcomes that plague workplace equipment and assets in the energy industry. Left unchecked corrosion will ultimately result in excessive operating costs due to corrosion/erosion damages ultimately causing more work in the inspection/repair/maintenance phase of business processes. Corrosion of pipes, production equipment, and industrial assets could make or break the safety of your project.

Mitigating corrosion risk is critical not just in the short term but over the lifelong journey of your assets. So how do you ensure that your industrial projects remain corrosion-free and leave you feeling confident about the safety and production of your assets? This is a question that plagued Ken Wang, President of Harber Coatings.

Ken recalls the years of company growth, “This year, Harber Coatings Inc (HCI) is proud to celebrate 20 years in Canada. HCI has been a leader in Electroless Nickel Coating/Plating since 2002. The formula for the company’s success comes from transferring academic results into consistent large-scale industrial production whereby the lifetime of assets is corrosion-free and project safe.”

What really matters? Long-term corrosion resistance is key.

Facility Protection – Certainty to Your Investment

From its humble beginnings in a small workshop in Inglewood, Calgary, today HCI is headquartered in the esteemed Calgary Foothills Industrial Park. The company is now the industry leader in high-tech, peak-performance metal surface protection. The HCI facility occupies over 20,000 square feet of production area and boasts some of the largest ENC processing equipment in the world. This location also includes R&D facilities funded by the National Research Council of Canada and continues to develop innovative technologies.

Ken explains the process, “We are proud to say that over the years, Harber has developed a series of high-performance corrosion and erosion protection solutions for the Oil and Gas industry. In addition to the flagship InnoGuard™ ENC, there are a few other R&D projects ongoing.”

Harber Coatings Inc. has made – InnoGUARDTM 300 series coating products that are based on a unique, proprietary process ensuring the coatings do not flake or peel off even when they are mechanically damaged.

Material Science Applied to Steel

Steel has excellent material properties when guarded against corrosion and other wear challenges, and as such many protective coating options have been developed over the years. Prominent examples include paint, epoxy, polymer/powder coat, galvanizing, thermal spray, metal overlay as well as ENC/ENP. A persistent challenge for all these established products has been performance in severe environments, specifically the tendency to accelerate the rate of wear once the coating starts to develop damage.

Ken explains how they provide clients with long-term results, “We’ve mitigated corrosion risk and combatted coating failure with HCI’s InnoGuard™ ENC. It is a unique product that has outstanding wear properties and exceptional bonding to the substrate material. This means when failure of the coating eventually occurs, there is no accelerated corrosion from galvanic or crevice corrosion developing underneath the coating. InnoGuard™ protected parts dramatically extend the life of assets and minimize the risk of unplanned shutdowns.”

Tubes, tanks, casing pipes, pipe spools, studs, and nuts will all require long-term corrosion-free solutions.

Harber Coatings Offers Long-Term Solutions As The Key To Success

Harber Coatings is the world leader in ENC/ENP process by coating performance, production scale, and ESG. HCI’s proprietary coating products do not flake even under severe mechanical impacts. The HCI team specializes in large-scale components such as full-length tubing and casing pipes. The production is highly efficient and environmentally friendly compared to conventional ENC as there is minimal industrial waste generation.

HCI’s product offerings are further differentiated by a complementary application assessment and performance guarantee. Specific to each application, HCI provides design alteration advice (if applicable) and a guarantee on the lifespan of the coated component for the specific service condition based on provided design parameters and its database of past applications. This creates certainty in the investment and long-term protection of energy assets.

Harber Coatings Inc. continues to succeed in serving oil and gas clients with high-tech research and development. ENC (Electroless Nickel Coating), and/or ENP (Electroless Nickel Plating) are foundational cornerstones of long-term corrosion-proofing processes with life-of-asset results.

With unique advantages in transferring academic results to industrial applications, Harber has developed a series of coating solution formulas and proprietary processing technologies that will serve the industrial sector for years to come. Congratulations Harber Coatings Inc on your long-term corrosion success!

Source and Photos: Harbercoatings.com

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