by Tina Olivero

Electric Vehicle Charging: There’s progress

If we take a look at the evolution of transportation systems around the world, we can see the future of cars is electric—but how far is the future?
Is it too distant? Actually, no. There are people across the world who would buy an electric car tomorrow — if only they had easy access to a charger.

Across the UK, the EV charging infrastructure is failing to keep up with the demand for electric vehicles. A recent Policy Exchange think tank stated that the UK would need around 400,000 public charge points by the turn of the decade in order to match motorists charging requirements.

Born out of the realisation of the mass shortage of EV charging points throughout the UK, Brighton-based EVC is on a quest to build a sustainable future by swiftly responding to the demands of the oncoming EV revolution. “Our mission is to bring accessible charging across the UK by installing 100,000 EV charge points by 2026” declares Nick Ballamy, Managing Director of EVC.

To encourage the uptake of EV charge points, EVC specializes in residential and commercial charging solutions; providing their clients with free EV charging infrastructure to futureproof their car parks whilst offering competitive pricing tariffs.

EVC is supported by the renowned renewable energy investment group Oasthouse Ventures and has partnered with some of the biggest names across the renewable energy industry to deliver market-leading products and services. This provides a complete package for clients and end-users with an ultra-modern design, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive safety specifications fit to be used for both commercial and private developments. “We are delighted to have partnered with experts in the field, providing our end-users with market leading technology to match our groundbreaking approach to EV charging,” says Nick Ballamy.

In addition to their range of EV chargers, the company lays special emphasis on customer care and guarantees ongoing consultancy throughout the term of a partnership. EVC also have their focus on other environmentally friendly endeavors such as the Clean Air Project, which has been launched in 2021, working with charities to counter global deforestation.

Following on from the recent Government announcement to ban the sale of all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, EVC with their unrelenting passion for paving the way to a future free of emissions, will be providing complete turnkey management solutions to take the onus off landlords across the UK.

“We understand during these challenging economic times, businesses may have more pressing priorities. Through our funded investment we are able to offer organisations free solutions to help tackle the oncoming EV revolution, meet customer demand and to make EV charge points one less thing to worry about,” concludes Nick Ballamy.

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