by Tina Olivero

    World Energy and Gulfstream Make History with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel Transatlantic Flight

    In an extraordinary feat that echoes the promise of a sustainable aviation future, World Energy and Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. proudly announce the completion of the world’s first transatlantic flight fueled entirely by 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The Gulfstream G600 aircraft embarked on this groundbreaking journey on November 19, 2023, soaring from Gulfstream’s Savannah, GA headquarters to the prestigious Farnborough Airport, southwest of London. The flight, clocking in at 6 hours and 56 minutes, is a testament to the endurance and viability of 100% SAF on long-haul routes.

    Unprecedented Purity: A SAF Milestone

    What makes this transatlantic flight truly unique is the purity of the SAF used. Containing no added aromatics or impurities, the 100% SAF required no additional treatment or blending logistics. This not only emphasizes the efficiency of the fuel but also enhances its decarbonization benefits. World Energy and Gulfstream have set a new standard, showcasing that sustainable aviation fuel can power flights without compromise.

    A Flight of Discovery: Data for Future Sustainability

    The data gathered from this historic endurance flight is invaluable. Gulfstream, in collaboration with its key suppliers, will use this information to assess aircraft compatibility with future low-aromatic renewable fuels, especially under challenging conditions such as cold temperatures during extended flight durations. The journey goes beyond the skies, contributing crucial insights for the evolution of sustainable aviation.

    Pushing Boundaries: A Commitment to a Greener Tomorrow

    Adam Klauber, VP of Sustainability and Digital Supply Chain at World Energy, commends Gulfstream’s dedication, stating, “With this flight, Gulfstream was willing to push the envelope to show what’s possible. They mobilized resources and personnel to demonstrate the future of sustainable aviation fuel.” Gulfstream’s President, Mark Burns, echoes the sentiment, highlighting the company’s commitment to a sustainable future through innovation.

    Fuelling Progress: Details of SAF on the G600

    The Pratt & Whitney PW 815 engines on the G600 were fueled by 100% Hydro-processed Esters and Fatty Acids (pure neat HEFA). Notably, the SAF used had zero added aromatics, lower sulfur content, and significantly reduced particulates compared to fossil-based jet fuel. The SAF, produced by World Energy, achieved net-zero emissions, reducing the flight life cycle emissions by an impressive 83%. The remaining 17% of residual carbon dioxide and ground transport emissions were offset by an additional SAF supply delivered to Los Angeles International Airport.

    A Coalition for Sustainability: Flight Partners

    Collaborative Excellence for a Greener Sky

    This historic achievement was made possible through the collaborative efforts of key partners:

    World Energy
    Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.
    World Fuel Services
    Pratt & Whitney

    Together, these companies are not only breaking barriers but are actively shaping a sustainable future for aviation.

    In the words of Mark Burns, Gulfstream’s President, “The completion of this world-class flight helps to advance business aviation’s overarching sustainability mission and create positive environmental impacts for future generations.” As the skies open up to a greener tomorrow, the World Energy-Gulfstream partnership stands as a beacon of progress, inspiring the aviation industry toward a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

    Tina Olivero

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