by Tina Olivero

    Rock Safety: When Safety Is Your Number One Priority

    “Safety above all is our number one priority,” says John Furlong and Conor O’Brien, co-owners of Rock Safety Industrial Ltd. Together John and Conor share a combined 23 years of safety experience in the industrial sector.

    John offers his experience and knowledge focusing on various product lines for every customer relationship. His love for the industry and drive for business success has contributed to the strong brand of Rock Safety Industrial Ltd. Conor has extensive experience in the industrial and safety supply market and focuses on delivering prompt service. Conor and John’s product based knowledge and customer service skills have been a solid foundation for the company’s growth.

    “Rock Safety is there when our clients need us, which is why we offer 24-hour availability. We offer welding, safety, fire and industrial products. We also provide equipment rentals with safe delivery striving for hassle free service”, John states.

    “The Rock Safety team of experienced sales representatives provides outstanding services to clients as they take the time to research each customer’s needs and determine the most effective products and solutions to ensure timely quality service,” says Conor.

    Rock Safety prides itself on positive client feedback and the fact that clients have repeatedly trusted them to keep their employees safe on the job with the tools that they need. The team is enthusiastic and determined to work hard to earn their customers’ loyalty. They are here to help in creative ways so if the tool doesn’t fit they will find the one that does.

    The Rock Safety team members here to support your business are:

    Patrick Short – Sales Acct. Manager (patrick@rocksafetyind.com)

    Justin Furlong – Warehouse Manager Danielle Manning – Operations Manager (customerservice@rocksafetyind.com)

    Jana Kearsey – Accounts Manager (accounts@rocksafetyind.com)

    John Furlong – co-owner – john@rocksafetyind.com

    Conor O’Brien – co-owner – conor@rocksafetyind.com

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